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  • Gegengift – Detox is different

    Gegengift – Detox is different

    Hi Uniques, All stars do it and it is the trend of the year – Detox. There are detox cures, detox tea and detox cream. I could still enumerate several other Detox products. In another post I already told you about Digital Detox, but today it is not about the head, but about your body. […]

  • Macarons – The most “instagramable” sweets

    Macarons – The most “instagramable” sweets

    Hi Uniques, Macarons – small, sweet, pretty and above all tasty. Who does not love the little candies from France. If raspberry, chocolate or coffee ,for every taste there is something. Of course, they are not only delicious , but also are incredibly good for taking instagram pics . This is exactly why there are […]

  • Bunny Cake

    Bunny Cake

    as promised, there is my bunny cake tutorial today. In my case it was based on a cream cheese cake. But you can also use any other cake. The cream cheese cake is only handy because of the cream that is used between the different layers and gets really fixed. You better reserve some cream […]

  • Spring Thomas Sabo Cake Design

    Spring Thomas Sabo Cake Design

    Today there is again a cake tutorial. The design is simple, but spring-like. For this you need: White, red, black fondant Many, many cutters A ruler A knife Sugar Glue This ornament just looks really nice, but is very easy to make. First,you cover your cake as always with ganache or buttercream. As we are […]

  • Valentines Special

    Valentines Special

    Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Do you already have a present or do you want to surprise your sweetheart with something special? Then you’re right on my blog today. It’s made with love, is homemade and delicious. You can download the recipe.   Have fun with cooking and eating :* Download here