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  • Eisblumen


    Today the winter has finally arrived here in Munich. Whereat you mainly realize that on icy temperatures and less at the lack of snow. Suitable for that I have made up a frosted cake design with a few ice flowers for you. The marbling: For the marbling you need blue and white fondant. Since the […]

  • The Healthy Way

    The Healthy Way

    now there was finally some snow – at least in some places. Here in Munich, unfortunately not: ( Nevertheless, it is partially quite cold, so o speak perfect tea weather. 😉 Tomorrow school starts again, but it feels like I’m already back, because I always had to do something during the holidays. I received a […]

  • Nutella Cupcakes

    Nutella Cupcakes

    today there is finally something sweet again – Nutella Cupcakes. I love Nutella really so much, just like many others do. The recipe is easy, quick to make and unfortunately also full of calories, but sometimes that’s okay; ) Download here

  • Battlefield


    Today it’s cake time again. Here you can see a creative project that I made for the 18th birthday of a friend. The cake is all about a Battlefield ego shooter theme. First of all I’ve mixed black and green fondant to get a slight marble effect. You have to roll out the green or […]

  • Birthday Cake

    Birthday Cake

    Here it is, the birthday cake * _ * not only to match the blog design, but also in my favourite colours . You’ll need much fondant and three cakes in different sizes. In some of my previous posts you can see how to use the fondant. I have created the black ornaments by using […]