Bunny Cake

as promised, there is my bunny cake tutorial today.
In my case it was based on a cream cheese cake. But you can also use any other cake. The cream cheese cake is only handy because of the cream that is used between the different layers and gets really fixed. You better reserve some cream so you can “clue” the Duplo to the cake later on. For an even better footing you can tie the Duplo with a matching ribbon together.
The rabbit sits in coconut raspers grass. For that simply mix green liquid food colouring and the coconut raspers, which have to dry afterwards.
Finally there is the hardest part of the cake – the modelling of the bunny.
I‘ve made my bunny after the presentation here. The tutorial is super easy to follow. In addition, you can see another way to decorate the remaining cake .
I think about starting Youtube after graduation to show such things like the bunny even better to you. What do you think?

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