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All stars do it and it is the trend of the year – Detox. There are detox cures, detox tea and detox cream. I could still enumerate several other Detox products. In another post I already told you about Digital Detox, but today it is not about the head, but about your body.

But what is detox actually?

Detox means detoxification and comes originally from the so-called “Fasting cure”. With such a cure, your body is to be purified and the immune system strengthened. With Detox, the body is stimulated to detoxify itself and free from everyday toxins.

Gegengift for the daily dose of poison

Every day we go to work, to college or to school, and while we manage our normal life, our body has to fight with the daily toxins. These substances are in the air, in our clothes and even in our food – so we cannot escape. Further pollution comes through nicotine, alcohol, but also stress. So why not treat yourself with a wellness detox day?
You’re unsure if Detox is something for you? No problem, with Gegengift there is a great small travel set.

Your detox day

0) Sleeping

Your Detox Day starts with late sleeping, because stress is out of place. Start the day you like it best and take the time you need.

1) Innocent – Effective washing gel

First, you should wash your face with the wash gel. It has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Make-up, excess skin and dead skin cells are gently removed.

2) Purity – Regenerative cleansing milk

Now the deeper skin layers come to attention, because here also the skin has to be cleaned. In addition, your skin is moisturized and protected against drying out in winter.


3) Fulfillment – rich facial cream

This wonderful facial cream penetrates deep into your skin and provides it with even more moisture. Your skin is well-groomed, tightened and richly supplied.


4) Balance – Complementary capsules

If you want to clean yourself not only from the outside, you can of course take these capsules. They help to make your cells more stress-resistant and reduce fatigue.


5) Harmony – Deep relaxation tea

Last but not least, the most famous detox product is the detox tea. This tea boosts your metabolism and strengthens you from the inside.
If you do not have so much time, you can always use the detox sponge again and again. It works even better in combination with the wash gel.



Detox Quick Tips:

1) lots of exercise and sports. This is also a good start for the new year;)
2) a lot of drinking, no not alcohol, but water and tea: D
3) Switch off and dare to be sometimes offline. You can find more about the matter in this post.

Detox your life!

Do you know Detox? If so, have you already done a Detox cure?


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