Today it’s cake time again. Here you can see a creative project that I made for the 18th birthday of a friend. The cake is all about a Battlefield ego shooter theme.
First of all I’ve mixed black and green fondant to get a slight marble effect. You have to roll out the green or black fondant and tear it into little pieces. If the whole Fondant is torn, you can mix up the two piles with the green and black pieces. The longer you knead the less is the marbling of the fondant.
Video instructions here.

Now the easy part is done and it’s time to model.

For the grenade you form an egg-shaped, thicker part. For the grooves you best use a toothpick, which you press into the fondant. The rest is made freehand.
Those who want a 3D hand grenade can also use a silicone form.
The gun was a lot easier because I have used a cookie cutter for this.
The ammunition is also not too difficult. Just make small rollers, which you then can form a little bit pointed at one end. To make it look used you can apply some black food colouring with a brush.
I’ve cut the Dog Tag out with a knife. The chain consists of many small beads.

This great video inspired me to do this cake. Here you can see how to make the grenade and the ammunition again.


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