Today the winter has finally arrived here in Munich. Whereat you mainly realize that on icy temperatures and less at the lack of snow. Suitable for that I have made up a frosted cake design with a few ice flowers for you.
The marbling:
For the marbling you need blue and white fondant. Since the cake should be more white, it takes about twice as much white fondant. Depending on the colour you want you can take even more of the white. Now you make a blue and a white roll of the two fondant sorts. Each roll should have a diameter of about 1cm. Thus, the roles won’t be too long you can also split fondant of course. Now you cut 1-2 cm long pieces from the rollers and collect these on two piles – one blue and one white pile. By cutting and rolling you should hurry up, otherwise the already cut pieces can get dry and hard. When you’re done, you mix the piles cautiously and begin to knead everything together. The more you knead, the more homogeneous is your colour, which means once you can see blue streaks you can roll out the fondant.
Note: Turn the fondant while rolling again and again, otherwise it sticks to the work surface and you have to start again. Through this the marbling might get lost: (
Now you just need to put the fondant on the cake and ready is your cake disguise.
Next, we’ll do the flowers.
The modes are described pretty well here.
However, I have no special cutters so I used round cookie cutters in two different sizes.
In order to “freeze” the roses I used some silver food colouring.
Last but not least the bottom, so to speak the cake final. For this I made a thin roll of the remaining marbled fondant and placed it around the cake. Then I pushed at a distance of approximately 1 cm edible silver balls in the role.
As a highlight, I have traced some of the blue streaks with blue glitter, which can be fixed also with the edible glue, which is best applied with a brush.
So that’s about it “already”: D
How do you like my frosty artwork?

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