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Hi Unique,

As beautiful as the fashion week is, as exhausting it is as well. After the daily sensory overload and several kilometers of walking, I am looking forward to one thing most of all – my wonderfully fluffy bed!

Already during the planning of “my” Fashion Week I knew that it would be anything but easy to find a good hotel with a central location and reasonable prices. Well, okay, actually, Berlin has a lot of chic hotels in a central location, but during the Fashion Week there are exceptional conditions and many hotels in Berlin are already booked months in advance. That’s why, as I’ve already told you in my post about fashion week planning, already started writing to hotels in April.

I searched and searched, but the typical well-known hotels were all already booked. When I thought I would not find any more space, I came across the Hotel the YARD. I could not believe my luck, because the hotel is not only super central near the U1, but is also quite stylish. Wow!

The closer the fashion week comes, the more I am happy about my wonderful hotel. I can’t wait to see it all live.

Arrival at the hotel the YARD Berlin

After a short flight, a long wait for my luggage and an interesting taxi ride, I finally arrive at the hotel.

As I walk along the small path to the entrance, I can see through the glass wall the restaurant and the reception. But when I open the door, it’s almost like I’m entering a different world. Yes, the Hotel the YARD is like a green oasis of calm in the hectic city life of Berlin.

The combination of modern and natural elements does not only soothe, but also looks elegant and stylish. Minimalist and still with a lot of attention to detail, the hotel the YARD leaves you exactly the space you want on vacation.

More perfect is hardly possible? But here also the service is great.

My room at the hotel the YARD Berlin

As soon as I have driven 7 floors with the elevator, I am already in front of my room for the next 5 days. Can this room exceed this incredible lobby at all?

I hold the card in front of the opener, press the latch down, slowly open the door and wow! The room is just as nice as the lobby. Again, a feeling of calmness unfolds in me. I love this minimalist mix of modernity and nature. Even after a closer look, the room leaves nothing to be desired.

On my small tour, it was especially the bath that I like best. Dark gray natural stone, a rain shower and fluffy towels – where could I relax better after a hard day?

The pictures on the website had not promised too much! No, on the contrary, I like reality a lot better. I automatically take my camera and start to snap. This hotel is absolutely instagram worthy 😀

The Bistro at the Hotel the YARD Berlin

Luckily I had the whole Monday enough time to stroll through the hotel and my hunger  drives me to  the bistro. I am already counting on exorbitant prices and am amazed to find delicious salads at normal prices. But also the chocolate cake with liquid core  is watering in my mouth. So delicious!

Of course, it is also great to explore different restaurants in Berlin, but if you should be too tired in the evening, it is definitely worth to try the Bistro.

After a pleasant night, I am looking forward to a delicious breakfast. As the elevator doors open,  I smell already fresh croissants and orange juice. But what I see then is flashing me again. Although the hotel is relatively small, the breakfast selection is huge. With four different milk varieties, six marmalades, 10 muesli and several sausage and cheese varieties, I can hardly decide what I take first. In the end, my first choice, who would have thought, falls on the warm croissants. Yummy!

Goodbye dear Hotel the YARD Berlin

The week flies by so fast  and I would have enjoyed to stay in this great hotel a bit longer. Every evening I have looked forward to my wonderful room and enjoyed every morning the delicious breakfast.

Soon the hotel will also have a spa – a reason for a further visit.

Thank you dear Hotel the YARD Berlin, for this wonderful and relaxed time in your oases of calm in the big city jungle of Berlin.

*Advertisment. This post was created in a lovely cooperation with Hotel the YARD Berlin.


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