My Christmas make-up with products by RdelYoung with competition*


Hi Uniques,
Now it’s time – Christmas is coming. On Friday I write my last double-exam, and then the first trimester is done.
It is also very high time to think about the gifts, the Christmas look and, of course, the Christmas make-up. Even if I “only” celebrate with my family, I still want to look pretty.
The Christmas season is stressful: presents here, exams, decorating the Christmas tree, baking biscuits and decorating, and and and … Through all this, its easy to forget something. That’s why I always write down everything on small sticky notes. Be it an idea for a new blog post, an idea for a gift or just a To Do list – everything is written down.

Now I would like to introduce you my favorite products for my Christmas look. All the products were sent to me by the dear Sina. And shall I tell you something? You can also win a great gift bag. 😉 But more about that later.


The complexion

Of course, I start with a primer and then put on makeup. Then I cover up small impurities with some concealer, so that my face looks softer and I can show my chocolate side at Christmas. Conturing can also be a super rouge substitute. Thanks to the wide range of colors of the Cover & Conturing palette, you can quickly get ready and do not have to deal with 10 different products.

The eyebrows

Since the eyebrows are the frame of your face, it is super important to shape them and also to emphasize them. Since the eyebrows are bright especially if you are a blond, one should not choose a too dark tone. Nevertheless, the eyebrows should not remain blond. The range of RdelYoung contains two natural shades that fit every hair color. Reapplication can produce intermediate nuances.


The eyes

I have to admit, I like my eyes most in my face. So I want to emphasize them, of course. The XXL Eye Shadow Palette offers a great selection, from warmer to cooler tones. As you may know, I love glitter – so naturally also on the eyes. The combination of shimmering and matt eyeshadows makes it possible to conjure up a great look that does not seem overloaded.
For a perfect stroke of the eye, only long, voluminous, deep-black lashes are missing. Nothing is easier than this – the RdeL Young absolute eyes mascara conjures up the perfect eyebrow in seconds.
So that the make-up looks great all day, I still have a little helper who is always in the handbag. With the transparent Fixing Powder, you will not give shine any chance and make the perfect, matte finish. Since especially my brow begins to shine relatively quickly, this powder is really my hero – always there when I need it;)


The lips and nails

As I mentioned in this blog post, I choose the nail polish always matching the lipstick. For the perfect Christmas look, I chose a matt lip gloss out of the Crazy’n ‘Lasting Matt series. The covered pink rose is perfect for a romantic look. Before I apply the lip gloss, I use a nourishing vitamin lip oil so that my lips do not dry out.
In addition, I applied the gel look nail polish. Here I like not only the color, but also the name “Dreamcatcher”;)
Since I am extremely impatient, now comes my second Hero – the Quick Dry Drops. Your nails have never been dry so quick and easy and your hands are ready to pack gifts: D If you like something more unusual, you can additionally decorate the nails.
So, that was my perfect Christmas look and now to you!
Since the konfetti yeah campaign unfortunately ends, I would like to bring some color into your life together with Rossmann.

Win the products for your christmas make up!


Now I have raved long enough of all the great products! You should finally see for yourself how great they are. That’s why I give away a confetti bag filled with great colorful products by RdelYoung. Of course, the bag fits as the name suggests thematically for the confetti campaign.
What do you have to do?
1) Comment on this post, what are your beauty heros.
2) Follow me on a channel of your choice (Write the name of the one you follow)
3) Wait and let yourself be surprised.
Note: If you are under 18, you need a consent declaration from your parents. The legal process is excluded.

* This article was created in loving cooperation with Rossmann.




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