Valentine’s Day Make Up – Your Date Make Up

Valentine’s Day Make Up – that’s how you get the romantic look

Hi Unique,

after I gave you tips for the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit last week, there is a small make-up guide today. Although we put on make-up every day, it’s a bit different on this day, Valentine’s Day. Something special has to be done – a make-up look on fleek.

So clear the decks for my top 3 make-up tips for your Valentine’s Day look …

Your perfect Valentine’s Day Make Up Look

You like it sweet? You like it sexy? I like it romantic! But no matter how you wear your make-up – the right tip is definitely there for you 😉

1. That gets under the skin

Nothing is more beautiful than an even, radiant complexion. Yeah, as if it were that simple. Especially during the winter the perfect glow is anything but easy to conjure up …

Use a foundation that you feel comfortable with and try it out before the date 😉 To conceal small redness, blemishes or stains, you can work with a Color Correcting palette. Then apply the make-up carefully and work it in well. For a little bit more contour you can use a Contouring palette. Last but not least, we provide the perfect glow with a highlighter 😉

2. Look into my eyes, honey

On Valentine’s Day there are some intense moments – from the seductive look to the sweet fluttering lashes. That’s why your eyes should be especially emphasized when applying make-up. By this I don’t mean 10 kilos of mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner and the like, but a discreet make-up that accentuates your eyes perfectly! Smokey Eyes are perfect for this. Stop! Stop! Stop! Smokey Eyes and discreet??? Why, yes. Instead of too hard black, you can choose gentler shades of brown and cream.

Personally, I love it when the eye shadow sparkle a little bit and makes my eyes shine even more brightly.

3. Red lips shall be kissed

Red is classic, red is sexy and yet such an intense color on a Valentine’s Day date can sometimes be cumbersome. Well, unless you want to show everybody that this man is yours 😉

Make sure to choose a lipstick that does not discolor and which is kiss-proof. I prefer to grab matte berry tones, because they give the lips full effect without coloring too much.

In order to keep the lipstick looking great, you should do a lip scrub and treat your lips with a lip balm before. That’s the way to prevent from partially discolored lips 😉

You are my Valentine

Powder off one last time, tighten your lips and brush your eyelashes – you look great!

So enjoy your Valentine’s Day date to the full, Beauty Queen!


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