Soft skin – the best way to keep your skin soft in the cold*

Hi Uniques,

Temperatures drop every day a little bit more. Last week I had actually to scratch the first time at my car windows :O

Today the time has come, we change from summer to winter time. The days become shorter and so the winter time officially begins 😉

The heaters are turned on more often with the cold temperatures during “winter time”. However, dry heating air is anything but good for our skin. Our skin becomes dry and feels itchy even faster. But how can I care best for my skin?


Extensive face-care

At temperatures below 8 degrees Celsius, our skin reduces sebum production so also the moisture is reduced. That’s why you should use creams with enough fat and moisture.

 Gentle cleansing

What you need to cream more at cold temperatures, you need to clean less. It’s best to wash your face with water only or to use a very gentle cleanser. Personally I use the Clarisonic Mia brush. In the winter I use the brush only twice a week instead of every day.


Short bath

What is better than a hot bath when you come home frozen? Just one hour in the hot tub to relax … Unfortunately, it is not so good if you bath too long. Better is a short 15 minute bath. If you want to a longer bath from time to time, cream or oil baths are clearly better than foam baths.

Creamy shower

Also when showering, cream gels should be your choice number 1. This way, your skin gets a bit more moisture and fat during the shower. Other shower gels often even remove additional fats from your skin, and you must actually apply twice as much lotion afterwards 😉 I really like the  “Streichelhaut” Duschgel von t by Tetespet

Soft hands

Here I always notice the cold weather first – the skin stretches and feels dry. Therefore, you should also apply cream to your hands mornings and evenings. Again, the more moisture the better.


Strong eyelashes

Finally, you can not only pamper your skin but also your lashes. With a serum you can strengthen and protect them against both the cold, windy, and the warm, dry climate.


  1. Streichelhaut Duschgel von t by tetesept
  2. Mia Clarisaonic
  3. Wimpernserum von Mediapharmacosmetics
  4. Weleda Handcreme
  5. Alverde Bodylotion

What are your tips for soft skin? Do you also buy you products in pharmacy?


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