Personal shopping for the perfect make-up

Hi Uniques,
I hope you had such a great Christmastime as I had. The holidays are just wonderful. Finally you have time for the family, but also time for yourself. I think it’s important to take this time and maybe even give yourself also a present. Let it be a wellness day, some time to dream or a detox cure. Is this all too “normal” for you? No problem. Today I have a great tip for you.

Personal Shopping

Sure you all know Zaloon, the Personal Shopping Service of Zalando. In the meantime you can find your own style together with a personal shopper, both online and in the shop. However, I had never heard of personal shopping related to make up before.
But lovely Cori of “Coriful sei wundervoll” offers personal shopping finally also for the perfect makeup.

Beauty does not have to be complicated.

Who does not know it? You stand in the shop in front of several counters and just don’t know what you need, what colors fit you and which brand is right for you. And at the end? Of course you just grab the old well-known products anyway, with which you have never been 100% satisfied, but it is ok;) But why should you be satisfied with “ok”?

Stop it! Bring out your best side!

1) Get to know

First you get to know the dear Cori at a cafe. There you can bring your favorite products. Together you go through the products and Cori analyzes your preferences. Also your needs are discussed in detail. Do you want products for your New Year’s Eve look or rather for your everyday life?

2) Let’s shop

After the first get to know the mood is a bit more relaxed and you can start. Finally it’s time for shopping! You’re choosing the shop, because you should be able to rebuy your products at any time. I decided to go to a Rossmann branch here in Munich. We were allowed to make pictures in the totally new branch in Schwanthalerstraße. Thanks also to the nice team. 🙂
According to the pre-determined preferences, Cori chooses products that fit you perfectly.

3) Just try it

It is great to have some new products, but how can you be sure that you like them? Just because something theoretically fits to you, it can look completely different on your skin. That’s why Cori put on the products to your face right away. So you can not only see what you really like and maybe exchange some products, but you can also see how to apply the products correctly. Tip: If you bring your own brushes, you can also use the products very easily at home.
Unfortunately the shopping trip is now over again. Want to bring a friend, no problem because it can be even more fun if you do it together.
My favorite products were definitely the Lip Laquer, the eyelash tint and the eyeshadow palette from Rival de Loop. In this post here you can see more of my beauty favorites by Rossmann and you can even win a great beauty package!
After the stressful Pre-Christmas season, just make yourself a gift!
Do you know Personal Shopping for Make Up?



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