O’Zapft is! Tips and tricks for a perfect Wiesn visit

Since yesterday it is again “O’zapft is!” and now it’s back, the fifth season in Munich – Oktoberfest or as we say “d ‘Wiesn”.
But for a perfect Wiesntag there are several things to consider.

The outfit

First of all the outfit should fit the occasion, of course. For the girls the Dirndl and the boys a Lederhosn with check shirt. But what are the current trends this year?
This year is dominated by bright colors like red, green or blue, and of course the popular annual pink. Unlike last year is not about having the most striking Dirndl with most sequins, ruffles, feathers, stones, patterns and colors this time. Instead, it’s back to the roots. That doesn’t mean that we all have to wear one color cotton clothes, but that a simpler Dirndl is absolutely back in vogue. Personally, I don’t want to miss a few highlights -Glitter is in my opinion always a good choice. The only thing that really should be traditional is in my opinion the length of the Dirndl. A Dirndl should not be worn too short, but at least it should reach the knees. Also romantic dresses are on trend this year

Short bow tips – thus the apron loop is correctly tied
• Right = in a relationship
• Left = single
• middle = Virgin
• back = Widow
For men it varies less, because of course the lederhosn remains the same. Only with the shirts you can wear bold colors and a matching vest.

The equipment

• Smartphone
Many leave their mobile phone at home, because they are afraid that it will be stolen. It is often quite important to come back home later. Of course you can as well get one or the other “Contact”)
• Blister pads
This is not only for girls, because even Haferl shoes can cause quite big bubbles.
In the tent, it’s hot, you dance and of course you still want to smell good, so it’s good to take a small deodorant with you 😉
• Hotel Business Card
This is especially important if you are not familiar here. During the evening, and with increasing alcohol level you can forget the address. So you can just enter the taxi and show the card to driver so the journey home is secured.
ID card
Yes on the Wiesn there is a control in some tents, so never forget the card, otherwise the evening can end very quickly.
• Maßkrug marks
The tables are full and the drinks are expensive, as there is already one or the other who accidentally exchanges the beer;) In the meantime there are really sweet Maßkrug marks.
It is as little as possible, as much as necessary. For men it’s of course much more difficult, because what should you do with all the stuff? There are still no truly established “bags” for men, but the Lederhosen has pockets indeed 😉

The tent

At the Oktoberfest, there are several beer tents, but how do you get in? At the main entrance, it is usually a lot harder to get into the tent – so rather try your luck through the back door. Of course, the chances are better if you come earlier. Often you can just sit with other people at a table especially if you are only two ; ) So no fear of too much body contact .
Of course there would be a lot more tips, but I think you should also make your own experiences ; ) Enjoy it and imagine the fact, that on your day there won’t be saved any money 😉
Have you ever been at the Oktoberfest? What are your tips and tricks?

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