Make-Up Trends 2018: The Top 3 Make-Up Trends

My Top 3 Make-Up Trends in 2018

Hi Unique,

finally spring is coming and I can’t wait to change my wardrobe – bye-bye warm winter sweaters and hello airy blouses. But not only your wardrobe needs spring cleaning, no, your dressing table also needs a change. After all the dark colors, it’s time for bright colors.
But what are the Make-Up trends this spring, and which make-up products should never find a way onto you’re dressing table? I checked out the latest Make-Up Trends 2018 for you and summarized my favorites here for you.

Make-Up Trend 2018: It will be colourful

Intense colours on the lids are only for carnival and colourful mascara is just strange? Not in 2018! Colours become a real fashion and make-up statement. The combination of different colours is very popular too. How about a combination of pink eye shadow and a mint green eyeliner?
It’s all a little too much for you? Then just stay in one colour family and combine different shades of red and pink.

Make-Up Trend 2018: It will be natural

This trend is contrary to trend one, as intensive contouring will be out in 2018. Instead, the focus is on a natural, even complexion.
Your skin also wants to enjoy the first rays of the sun and the fresh spring air, so let it breathe. Instead of covering foundations, BBcreams and matting day creams are in demand again.
The only thing we have left: The highlighter. It provides the perfect glow. However, here again, less is more 😉

Make-Up Trend 2018: It gets bushy

Eyebrows are more important than they have been for a long time. By the end of 2017, eyebrows should be as wild and bushy as possible. There was no real shape here. Well, this trend will continue in 2018.
This year, however, the brows are getting a little more shape. The best way to keep this shape the way you want, is to use some gel. Brush the inner third of your brow upwards and style the rest of your hair backwards. That’s it 😉

What are your favorite make-up trends for 2018? Do you change your make-up at all or does it stay the same all year?


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