Half Skull Halloween Make-Up Tutorial with Drugstore Products

Hi Unique,

Halloween is slowly approaching and it is time to decide for a Halloween look. Since last year some people wished for a tutorial about my Half Skull, it’s finally time! But what would a make-up tutorial be without a video?

I had already announced some secret projects maybe you can already imagine what the first project is:

After a lot of starting difficulties and a long break, Be Sassique is finally back on YouTube!

In my YouTube video I show you, how you can make up a Half Skull with a glamour half only with drugstore products, which you probably have at home anyway.

Have fun with the video 😉

Here again a list what you need:

    • Foundation
    • concealer
    • eyebrow pencil
    • Skin-coloured correction pen / thin concealer
    • Black Kajal
    • Black eyeliner
    • White eyeliner
    • Multiple brushes
    • Water
    • glitter eye shadow
    • mascara

Of course you can also change the Half Skull a bit and make it up a bit different. On the following pictures you can see another possibility 😉




To complete the Half Skull look you don’t need a special costume. In this case I decided for a short sleeved glitter dress. Here you could show the skull a little bit on the arm as well.

Will you dress up or make up on Halloween? If so, as what?



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