Dull Winter? No way! Bring color into your life with RdelYoung *

Hi Uniques,
I recently told you in a very personal blogost which people bring colors to my life. Since your feedback was just amazing, I wanted to thank you again.
Today it is again about color, but about how I make my life more colorful. As you can easily recognize at my blog, I love rose, pink and purple – an absolute girl cliché. 😉
Therefore, not only is my blog pink, but also parts of my home and, of course, many of my cosmetic products. On my dressing table there are many things from much pink to purple. For me, this is a kind of chic deco: D Now you think that I buy products only because they fit into my home and not because of their quality. : D
But no, I just like it when both are combined in one product. The optically less appropriate things I would rather put in my  drawers. 😉

Dull Winter? No way!

As I mentioned in some blog posts, there is a big problem in the cold season – most winter jackets are dark, so they go with as much as possible. With a pair of jeans or a black trousers, you are a bit daft – who wants that?
While in the summer I wear only light make-up with nude tones, I also use striking colors in winter. A great lipstick or lip gloss, wonderful long eyelashes or a nice nail polish ensure the right highlights in the dreary winter.
For a long time I stood in front of the shelf of Rdel Young, carefully looked at all the colors and then decided to try something new. I had fallen in love with a purple nail polish, and since I always select my lipstick to match the nail polish (and vice versa), I have actually dared this time to a purple lipstick.

If it bangs, then right!

So that your striking lipstick really comes into focus, I have three small tips for you.

Tip 1: Find a lipstick to match the outfit

If you choose a very bright lipstick like me, the outfit can also be a bit quieter. So the focus is even more on your face.

Tip 2: Matt vs. Glossy

Yes, this is next to the color choice the second most difficult decision. I always find it good to have both a lip gloss and a lipstick of the same color. So you can wear the more natural, sweeter glossy during the day and wear the cool, matt lipstick in the evening.

Tip 3: Less is more

If you already have an extreme lipstick, you should use little eyeshadow or blush. Great long eyelashes are enough to create a perfect look

Experiment with color

Do you also like something new? Classic red is indeed beautiful, but why not just try something different, unique? Maybe you are like me and you discover a whole new aspect on you?
What are your favorite lipstick and nail polish colors?

*Dieser Beitrag ist in liebevoller Kooperation mit Rossmann entstanden.





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