Thailand: The Luxury Resort Banyan Tree Koh Samui


Hi Unique

Just a week at home and I could go back. But until the next trip, it still takes a bit and until then I will be reminiscing of turquoise water, white beach and delicious food.

You also want to dream of the next holiday? Then you are exactly right here, because I will take you to Thailand today, more specifically, to Banyan Tree Koh Samui.

I will show you a wonderful resort, a great beach, delicious food and our impressive villa. Are you ready? Then pack your suitcase and come along!

The Banyan Tree Koh Samui

After the initial “difficulties” and the first, eventful day, the holiday could finally begin – with suitcases and without jellyfish. On arrival I was much too tired and of course also distracted to take a closer  look at  the hotel. For sure I was already more than impressed at arrival, but when I woke up the next day I couldn’t believe my luck. These amazing villa with private pool would be mine for the next two weeks. Wow!

On the way to the bath I discovered my new personal “telephone” with which I could reach our villa host at any time, no matter where on the island I am . I mean, how cool is that?

When I go directly after getting up straight from the bed into the pool, arises for the first time real holiday feeling. Pure relaxation. No stress, hardly people and a lot of peace.

Refreshed by the morning bath I’m going to enjoy the first breakfast. As the buffet was in many reviews already praised in the sky, I am all the more curious. With just one click I call a Golf Caddy and only a minute later a driver is already in front of our door.

Breakfast at Banyan Tree Koh Samui

We drive up the hill to the “The Edge” our breakfast restaurant. Luckily, the restaurant is located high up, because there is always a pleasant breeze. But not only the wind is great, but also the incredible view! You can see the whole complex: the villas, the pool, the sea … just fantastic. Because of all the green, you can only see the villas and no streets on which the caddies ride. This makes the system even more impressive :O

The growling of my stomach tells me that I should finally go in to have breakfast. I can still enjoy the view while eating.

So I stroll through the buffet area and must say: the reviews have not exaggerated. The choice of hot, cold, sweet and hearty dishes leaves nothing to be desired. Okay, as soon as I saw the pancakes, I was happy anyway 😀

Beach and pool at Banyan Tree Koh Samui

Several pancakes, lots of sun cream and 2 minutes drive later, we are finally on the beach. One of the boys immediately comes to us with towels and prepares beach chairs for us. Although it is no longer early, we are almost alone on the beach. It’s already tingling in my feet. I want to go into the sea. Despite the last experience, I can not wait to go into the sea. One last checking view in direction of the  flag: yellow, so no problem.

So I walk over the soft powder sand beach to the sea and as soon as my toes feel the cool wet, I am happy. Oh, that’s nice!

But here you can not just swim. Glass Bottom Canoeing, Stand Up Paddeling, Wind Surfing, sailing with a Catamaran and snorkeling – all inclusive. For sure I will not be bored here.

There is also the huge infinty pool with a view to the sea. Here, too, almost nobody besides us – except for the huge flamingo. 😉

I am always amazed at how empty it is, after all, the resort is huge.

Whatever, I enjoy it and to the fullest!

BBQ at Banyan Tree Koh Samui

After the first wonderful day at the beach and by the pool, I jump before the dinner again in the villa pool. Yes, I love water: D

Much too fast has the first day passed, I thought … Well, although, it is not yet finished. Because we are on the way to the BBQ on the beach. I’m looking forward to a delicious buffet and the fire show 😉

With the Golf Caddy we drive down to the beach restaurant “The Sands”, where we are already expected. Our villa host had already arranged everything perfectly and quietly in the background for us. We are led through the large buffet at the grill to our table right on the beach. When I see all the treats, my mouth is watering. Okay, I admit: especially with all the delicious sweets 😀

But first, I try the delicious appetizers and also something grilled which can’t  be missing at the BBQ of course. Just as I finally wanted to go to the desserts starts the fire show. Three young men make a huge show with really fancy acts right in front of us on the beach. Really great!

The incredibly tasty desserts make the evening perfect and I look forward to the next day in paradise.

Pss! Here you can find even more Hotel pics 😉

Have you ever been to Thailand? If so, where and in which hotel? Which destinations can you recommend?

* This post has not been created within the framework of a cooperation. I just loved the Banyan Tree Koh Samui 😉


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