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Today there is as promised, my review of the Bomb Cosmetic products. Don’t forget, if you want such great products of Bomb Cosmetics, participate in my lottery and win with a little luck, two great gift sets . ; )
First of all, I’m a big fan of taking a bath, because it’s the best way to warm up after skating. But just hot water in the bathtub? No, there has to be added some nice colour and fragrance to get a really relaxing bath.
But with the Bomb Cosmetics bath balls you get not only a pleasant relaxing scent and a beautiful colour, but also something cute to look at.
There are bath balls and bath pralines. The right atmosphere is ensured by scented candles and even for the rest of the body care are products offered. A all-round wellness program, so to speak ; )
First of all I ‘d like to introduce the ” Iceland Tiara Bath Creamer ” bathing ball.
A sensually seductive , floral fragrance is expecting you when you are crowned as princess of the tropical paradise . Inhale the heady scents of the essential oils of neroli and rose, while the nourishing water pampers your body .
This bathing ball is an optical highlight – pink with glitter!
Furthermore, it actually smells slightly floral , but not  too intrusive , so it quickly makes you feel back in the spring while bathing .
An example of a bathing praline is the ” Raspberry Riptide Bath Mallow ” truffle , which is also held in the colours white and pink .
Feast yourself in the sweet scent of raspberry and let yourself be inspired by the pure essential jasmine and ylang oil to an aphrodisiac experience . The pure cocoa and shea butter nourishes and hydrates the skin .
In this bath praline , I couldn’t trace in the ” raw state ” rather not a raspberry scent , instead I found the scent even more flowery. But the right scents unfold only during bathing ; )
Last but not least, you can see a candle in this picture, that smells flowery also , mainly by roses .
All three fit together in colour and smell. . ; )
 Besides this I got a candle named “warm espresso”.  Once you open it, you actually got the feeling to smell coffee beans .
Thogether with this fits the bathing ball “Twister Creamer-Bath Creamer” quite well . It fits probably best in the winter season with its icy colours ; )
Become a storm chaser with this fresh and bracing scent of pure essential green mint and eucalyptus oil that animates your body and mind .
Even more relaxing it becomes with the massage block ” Butter Me Baby ” .
Let the massage bars melt in your hands for a few seconds , place the bar in a safe place and massage the oils into the skin .
I have to confess that I’m a massage junkie. I could never say no to a massage and then with such a good fragrance ; )
Bomb Cosmetics offers, as already mentioned, not only bathing balls, candles and massage blocks , but also body lotions , scrubs and lip care.
I got the Limelight scrub that smells really very refreshing .
A body scrub with rich shea butter and fine grains . Pure essential oils of grapefruit and Lime nourish your skin silky smooth. Instruction : Take a good handful of this slightly foamy , granular gel and spread it gently massaging on your body . Then rinse well
Finally, there is a lip balm, with the fiiting name ” Read My Lips ” . It makes dry and chapped lips in winter soft and smooth again and looks at that super cute .
Wow , this is really quite a bit : O .
At this point a big thank you to Gerard ! I am absolutely delighted with all products 😉

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