Evening ritual

today I wanted to show you my evening routine.
First, of course, I remove the makeup thus my skin can breathe better. I sometimes do this even right after school;)
After homework and studying I do with the online fitness program fitnessraum.de – depending on my motivation shorter, longer, or even not at all 😉
Then I take shower and use a body scrub, so my skin is or better say remains soft. Then I use some bodylotion. Here I use the Skin Trainer from Kiko, which should tighten the skin by applying and the massage.
So now my face turn is coming. With the Mia 2 of Clarisonic and the associated cleansing I clean my face. The cleaning is super comfortable and the skin feels fresh 😉
Next, I use a lip scrub in order to also remove excess skin cells.
So now just a night cream and a lip balm and I’m done with the face – finally ;D
Now to the hair which already slightly dried in the meantime. With the oil of Garnier it’s really easy to comb it. However, you should use it only in the length not on the top, as this may affect the hair slightly flattened 🙂
Finally I cream my hands and feet, which I then put in beautiful cuddly socks )
What is your evening routine?

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