Time travel – a year retrospect by Be Sassique

Hi Uniques,
Only a few days and the year 2016 is already over again. As always, the year passed extremely fast. It feels like yesterday when I uploaded my first Instagram picture in January and yet it is already another year ago.
Today I put the last post in 2016 for you online. This is kind of strange. As if you would end something, although I do not stop blogging. It is also the beginning of a new year, with new opportunities and new intentions.
As I already did in this post, you should always take a look back before you look forward, first let the old year review and then start with new vigor into the new.

Time travel through the past

That’s why I wanted to make a small blog trip together with you today. How did it all start? What happened this year? I would like to show you again my most beautiful blog moments and thank you for making this all possible. <3

First steps

As I said in January, I posted my first Instagram picture. I had no idea of hashtags or posting times. Instead, I just uploaded an image from time to time and hoped you would see it. At this point, I blogged on blogspot without my own domain. Again, the meaning of regularity, keywords and SEO were completely unknown to me. I had just found a new hobby that was a lot of fun.
I soon realized that I would need a new tactic. I tried to improve my pictures and tried to learn from big bloggers. This is also a tip for you: If you do not really know how you should start or what Hashtags are relevant, then just peek at other bloggers from your city.

With pep

Slowly but surely my blog trip got off the ground In late June finally came my first blogpost on my own blog online. Finally an own domain with its own design!
Another highlight were the first events I was allowed to visit and, of course, the people I met there.
After the exams I had more time, so I could deal more closely with the blogging. After all, I wanted to improve continuously. Because even in blogging it is like in sports – without training, the muscles lessen, but if you always train again and again, you get steadily better.
Both the blog community and the number of instagram subscribers grew steadily. Meanwhile, alone on Instagram over 32,000. Believe me, I never dreamed of that in my life. :O
The more subscribers, the more social media channels I took.

Now I am on the following channels to find:






Time travel through the future

Now I’ve told you enough about my blog and me … now its your turn.
What do you wish for 2017? Which topics are of particular interest to you? Which topics should I further develop besides fashion? Do you want more travel, more interior, more blogging tips or more DIYs?
I am happy about every suggestion and thanks a million times for this wonderful year. I am looking forward to a mutual 2017 with all of you . <3 Have a wonderful start into the new year, can’ t wait to hear from you .





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