Be Sassique goes YouTube

Hi Unique,

I’ve been talking about starting with YouTube for a long time now. 2017 was the most common question on Instagram, whether I’m already on YouTube or when I’m going to start with YouTube … now it’s finally done:

Be Sassique goes YouTube

But what awaits you on my YouTube Channel?

#1 It’s Fashion Baby!

This blog started with my love of fashion, and so there will of course be fashion videos on my YouTube channel. This allows you to see the clothes not only statically, but also in motion. Some parts just don’t work until you move 😉
In addition, I will always show you where I got the individual items of clothing from and will also link them for you.

Speaking of which – soon I will completely renew the shop and restock it regularly. Stay tuned 😉

#2 The Art of Beauty

In addition to my love of fashion, Beauty also took a bigger and bigger part on my blog towards the end of the year and so there will be make-up tutorials every now and then. Personally, I love watching such tutorials. Because are we honest – who would like to read an eternally long guide on how to apply the eye shadow exactly when you can see it in 10 seconds?

#3 Follow me Around

Traveling has also been part of Be Sassique since the beginning, because when I’m not blogging right now, I love to see the world. However, this category in 2017 was still somewhat short. But that will change in 2018! As you may have seen, I was in Abu Dhabi over New Year’s Eve and not only took pictures, but also filmed for the first time. So there will soon be a blog post and my first Travel Vlog – wuhu!

#4 Whatever you wish

I thought of these three categories first, but maybe you have other ideas and wishes? I am looking forward to your feedback!

My first YouTube video

What can I say – I am incredibly excited to finally be able to present my first video to you. Although I’ve been blogging on Be Sassique for over 2 years, I’ve never published a facts about me post – it’s about time for that, right? That’s why I start my channel with an about me video. Maybe you recognize yourself in one or the other fact?

Enough babbling! Press Play 😉


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