Manicure – how you can do it at home

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One should definitely take enough time for the manicure, because it shouldn’t be just another task to get done, but be also relaxing.

So this is how you get the perfect manicure at home:

1. Get rid of it

First you remove the old nail polish. Thereby you should pay attention just to wipe up, not left and right. Otherwise the skin is irritated and dyed. If you for example have used glitter paint you can give a little nail polish remover on cotton balls and wrap them around your nails. After 10 minutes exposure time the paint should be completely dissolved. The smoother the nail polish remover, the better it is for your nails because they are less debilitated in the long run.

Tip: If you do not have nail remover with you when the old paint is already peeling off, simply paint your nails again, wait 1 minute and then wipe the paint off while it is still liquid. Some ingredients in the paint ensure that also the lower layers get liquid again, meaning the old paint becomes liquid again ; )


2. Form them

Now you can file your nails in shape. Generally speaking, filing is better than cutting. This is why you should prefer a file compared to a nail clipper. Metal files are usually somewhat too coarse and may your nail hurt files made out of cardboard are very good in comparison. For particularly thin and brittle nails glass files are the best.

Warning: do not file the nails surface, the protective layer is destroyed and your nails are weakened.


3. Bath time

Now it’s time to relax. Fill some warm water and bubble bath in a bowl and  soak your nails. After the warm bath you can edit the cuticle much better.


4. Show off

After the bath you put some cream or nail oil on the nails and massage it in well. Now you can easily push back the cuticle with a wooden stick. Again, do not cut it. The cuticle has a protective function and grows harder after each time cutting.

5. Paint it

Now you can already start with the painting. At best you start with a base coat, so nail discoloration will be avoided. Once the base coat is dry, your desired paint can be applied. For longer hold and some more gloss you should use a topcoat. To prevent painting your skin,better use this finger cover*. So you won’t have to do the error correction afterwards ; )

Tip: paint the nail edge first. You have to pull down the fingertip under the nail with the thumb. The skin is not painted. If the nail edge is finished, you paint the nail surface as usual. When everything has dried, you can still decorate your nails with stickers*.  The red color I used can change the colour  with the temperature ( examples in red* and blue*)

How often do you do a manicure or how important are your nails for you?

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