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Hi Uniques,
Now it is here – the year 2017. I hope you pushed he boat out and started with a big smile into the new year.
With the new year the new resolutions are coming again. Most people have the intention to lose weight, do more sports or just to take more time for themselves and their family.
It’s almost funny when someone says he has no resolutions. Immediately follows the slightly skeptical and questioning look of the opposite. Doesn’t this person have properties he want to improve? Does he think himself so perfect?

Origin of good intentions

Where does that habit come from? Why do we think that we have to set new goals every year, which we do not pursue after a few weeks.
Because when we are honest, we go to the gym very often for a month and then? YES then the daily routine breaks through and from week to week it becomes less.

Good intentions are useless attempts to override the natural laws.
Oscar Wilde

Already the people of antiquity always took resolutions. The origin is found in sin. Believers had to confess their sins again and again and vowed not to commit sins anymore. When one no longer had to confess in public, the conscience gained in importance. Thus, resolutions have always been associated with an ideal of a better person. If you want to find out more, you can find a video here.

So it finally works with the intentions

We make up our mind to do something and then quickly forget it – every year anew. But this year we put an end to it!
With these few steps you can finally achieve all your goals.

1) Do it concretely

Many formulate their goals only spongy and never write them down. So take your time and think about exactly what you want to achieve. Do not write e.g. “I want to lose a bit weight” but write down on how many kilos you want to slim down. In addition, you should make sure that is really your goal. Do you even want it only because it disturbs others or is it a general purpose? Only if you set priorities you will be successful. 😉

2) Dream of your goal

I’ve often written about the importance of dreaming. You can already imagine what will change if you really achieve what you made up your mind to do. Do you like this change? Through the dream, which you can always bring to mind, you remain strong and do not give up so quickly. 🙂

3) Do not give up

Even if it might not work out right away, you should stay tuned. Maybe the first way was just not right for you. Do not be too strict – there must also be days when you let yourself go. 😉

4) Make it together

As with so many things, here too: together, it just makes more fun. But not only the fun factor increases, but also the commitment. If anyone else knows of your intent, it is harder to give up. After all, one does not want to stand as a quitter: P


If you want to rely on your horoscope in addition, you can visit the lovely Irina of Fashionambit.

Free Download: Calendar sheet January

Inspired by the wonderful Nina of Madamecherie, I would like to offer you this year a new calendar sheet for download every month.
You can download the sheet HERE.

You are responsible for your happiness in 2017! New Year is a good day to change, but from now on you have 365 chances to change your life!








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