Of dreams, princesses and the reality


Hi Uniques,
Everyone had at least one great dream as a child. Some of us wanted to be a princess, others a firefighter.
I also belonged to the many girls who wanted to become a princess by profession. What can be more beautiful than wearing great clothes, living in an awesome castle and, of course, the prince on the white horse. Okay, I’ll take him too, if he comes on a white bike: D
I just lived this dream, dressed in pink tulle dresses, had a pink room and felt like a little princess. No doubt came to me and no one could tell me that I was not a princess.

Being a princess once in a lifetime

When I recently saw this tulle skirt at She.in, it immediately reminded me of my childhood. I just had to buy this skirt, because maybe I’d feel like I did before. In addition, both midi-tulle skirts and the pink color are absolute trends this autumn. More autumn trends can be found here by the way.
A few days later, the skirt finally arrived. When I put it on, the feeling of being a princesses came back. At that moment, I wondered why we would stop dreaming so much of something that it is almost real for us.

Why don’t we dream anymore

Of course, adults also have dreams and goals, but it is different from children. Children believe so strongly in their dream and cannot be disturbed on their way. Exactly that is missing to some adults. Dreams are pursued, but never with the same intensity as with children. Sometimes it seems as if you were driving with the handbrake. Are we just afraid what the others say? Are we not brave enough? Or are we too much influenced by life? I think there is probably no clear answer.
Many people abandon their dreams at some point because they seem so unattainable. They continue to dream instead of living their dreams.

How we can finally make our dreams come true

1) Start dreaming
To make your wishes come true you have to think about it first of all. Often we block our thoughts and don’t allow dreams because we think that they will never come true anyway.
2) Do not listen to what the others say
Believe in yourself and in your dream, because even if your intention is completely crazy and unrealizable, you can do it. If you want something, you can create things that you would normally not have done.
In the end you realize your dream for you and not for the others;)
3) Make a plan
Just because desires are something abstract, that’s no cause why you shouldn’t write them down. Make a plan what you need to achieve your big goal. Set small goals for you, so you will notice how your dreams come closer.

„Don’t live to prove someone else wrong but to prove yourself right!“

Start dreaming

Träumen Träumen Träumen Träumen Träumen Träumen Träumen


Skirt and Bag by She.in *

Pics by Raffia Kammer / edited by me



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