Father’s Day – some Father thoughts

Hi Uniques,
After a loving Mother’s Day post and thank you post to all the everyday heroes there is the last post of this  today very special series today. Perhaps you already know who the author is. That’s right! Due to Father’s Day this time, my dad wrote a blog post, a blogpost that has really touched me. Just like my mom, my dad has also taken extra time and to write this text.
Let’s start with a very special post, which is really emotional. Let’s start with the post that has touched me more than once and showed me how much my Dad loves me. Let’s start with the post, which may also show you how important you are to your dad.

Stage free

When my daughter Saskia told me that I should write a post for her blog, the question mark in my face was probably very clear – I had to sit down first and she laughed loudly

So I went to find my daughter, and the first thing I remembered was her birth, where I was allowed to be a part of. Saskia, it was an indescribable moment to be able to hold you little creature in my arms, to look into your little face, and to watch the change of uncomfortableness and great pleasure. Of course I was very proud to have a girl in the family after my boy, Saskia’s brother Patrick! And … I am still a very proud father today!

My little big girl

My daughter grew up. She quickly grew up from a baby to a toddler, who made us laugh a lot. The first words were spoken long ago, and the funniest “creations” were written down in a book that we still like to read today. Together, we are laughing at the creations of words, which already showed pretty early how creative Saskia is… back then we didn’t knew how to assign it to this “drawer”.

Over time, the kindergarten was over and Saskia attended the school, I was always amazed at how creative and increasingly well organized she was. Thus, the sporting successes, which she worked out as “quite by the way”, also included the success at school.

The time passed so fast and today I look at a young woman whom I describe as (of course !) very handsome, creative, tasteful, athletic, intelligent and – yes, that pleases me the most and makes me particularly proud – a woman with a very great heart and full of kindness.

This Saskia always shines through her blog. That is why I like to read her blog, because I always find nuances, which complement my picture of my daughter – and that is nice.

Right now, I just recognize the ambitious, creative and organized Saskia. Why? She’s in the middle of a new big project – the re-design of her blog. It is connected with a lot of work and it is admirable how she is always focused on her “central theme” to work with this highly complex topic. Almost every day I see new ideas, new desires, new designs and I am already looking forward to this blog. I am also very interested how the resonance of the world out there will be … the own Daddy is maybe not always the right scale 😉

Time for us

Time for us, is an ever more precious asset next to all these activities, and so we are very happy when it goes back to vacation. Here we can relax, talk about things, forge new plans and, that is probably particularly important, reflect what happened. The exchange of thoughts and opinions in peace is something really important for us. Far away from hustle and bustle, from appointments and everyday life, you get a little more to yourself – and back to the others. If you veered away fro each other over the year, I’ve got the impression that we are moving towards each other again at such moments. These are beautiful times, which I particularly enjoy.

Loreley Words

I believe that I am speaking for the fathers of this world when I say that every age (of a child) has its beautiful sides and moments. These saying “Little children, little worries – big children, big worries” may be true. And, of course, as a father, you’re always worried about it again … but the beautiful, easygoing times you enjoy with your children are always predominant. These are the moments when my daughter always brings me different perspectives, to the world and ultimately also to myself. This is something priceless and beautiful.

If I had a wish with the good fairy, I would wish that these times never end, that we always find a good word with each other and for each other, that the trust is always there and I still have opportunity to support you in many things in your Life.

My dear Saskia, I am so glad that I am your Daddy!

Thank you Daddy! Your are simply the best!


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