Valentine’s Day – the perfect date outfit

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As soon as the new year has begun, another important event is on the agenda: Valentine’s Day.

Many people think it is unnecessary, the next ones claim that the trade has only invented this day to sell more and yet others love and live this day. And me? I believe that this day reminds us of how beautiful it is to show our loved ones again and again how important they are to us.

I love this day because it’s as if the city has been bathed in a soft pink for this one day. Everyone is somehow a bit nicer, a bit happier and maybe a bit in love.

Your perfect Valentine’s Day date look

It is the day of love and, yes, the day of dates, because who wants to be alone on this day? Of course you want to look perfect on this day. But what is the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit?

Your outfit is not only important to please your date, but also to show who you are, to feel good and to give you self-confidence. Even if you’ve known your date for ages, an outfit can change everything. What woman doesn’t like to elicit a breathy “wow” from her man?!

So it’s definitely worth thinking about your Valentine’s look.

Be you – even on Valentine’s Day

First of all, I would like to recommend one more thing: No matter which tips you read here in the following, always stay yourself! I want you to feel comfortable on your date and show who you are. Don’t pretend to please others. You’re great, just the way you are!

Valentine’s Day Date Outfit Quick Tips

1. Show what you got

Every woman has this one absolute highlight garment in her wardrobe. Maybe it’s been there forever and you’ve never had a chance to wear it? But believe me, Valentine’s Day is just the time to do it!

This special piece of clothing not only suits you very well, but also accentuates your favorite body parts. So dare, put it on, and bring out your virtues. So if you’ve got a great ass, wear your favorite pants to accentuate your bottom. You’re totally proud of your boobs? Then dare something and wear this amazing dress with a great neckline.

Go for it girl!

2. Mission completed

Now that you have chosen your keypiece, the rest of the outfit search is much easier. Just browse through your wardrobe for all matching items of clothing and then try it out. Be crazy and have the guts to do something new and cool. Turn up the music, call your best friend and start your very private fashion show.

Most of the time, two people come up with the best ideas and besides, you can check out your date 😉

Girls just wanna have fun, right?!

3. These boots are made for walking

Wuhu, your look is almost complete – only the shoes are missing. High or low? Sporty or chic? As with the rest of the outfit, the same applies here: Wear what suits you and the location. Personally, I like to wear at least a little heel. This makes me feel a bit more elegant and I pay more attention to the posture 😉 Too high a heel would probably kill me after a few hours and ruin the date.

4. The final competiton

Well, your outfit is almost ready – now only the accessories are missing. You don’t need jewelry? Good too. For me a small necklace, nice earrings and some bling bling are part of it 😉

In general, the more conspicuous your outfit is, the more discreet your accessories should be. Besides, you shouldn’t have to compete shining with your jewelry. This date is all about you, your character and your personality… YOU are the center of attention! Of course, if you usually wear a lot of jewelry, go for it.

Show yourself in all your facets

5. Baby it’s cold outside

For your perfect date outfit only the right jacket is missing. Yes, of course you can hope that he is a gentleman and lends his jacket, but trembling is not exactly romantic. So just try out different jackets that are warm and beautiful. And who knows, maybe you’ll get his jacket anyway 😉

Valentine’s Day – My Date Outfit in the Fashion Video

You are my Valentine

Your look is ready, the bag is packed and you’re getting nervous. One last look in the mirror, your make-up is on fleek, your hair is perfect. Spray perfume again and breathe deeply. Let’s go!


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