How to pack your Suitcase even better & Summer – Must – Haves

soon I’m going to fly to San Francisco and Hawaii . So far I have postponed to pack my suitcase several times and at the end I panic , if I have really packed everything.

That’s why I’ve got a few tips for you on how packing your case properly and I’ll also show you my summer must-haves for this year ; )

Packing tips

1 ) Climate

Check out how the weather is where you are going. Finally, not evereywhere its around 30 degree and at night it can be partially cool perhaps. So it may be possible that you also need long pants or tights.

2 ) Packing List

Definitely write yourself a packing list that you complement immediately if you can think of something else which you also need. Things which you have already packed can be deleted. So you keep a constant overview of what you have already and what you still need.

3 ) Save Place

Put your outfits together a few days before your trip, so you can wash things again if necessary. I’m also always thinking about what shoes , bags etc. I wear to the packed outfits to avoid unnecessary baggage. In addition, I take shoes that can be combined to a lot of things. This also saves space, that will be maybe needed later for new shoppings : D
In order to save even more space you can put your socks and underwear into your shoes.

4 ) spill / dirt protection

To avoid leaking shampoos, creams and shower gels put all fluids into a plastic bag. In addition no one wants to have the dirt of the shoes on the freshly laundered clothes, so stick them in a bag or pull a plastic bathing cap over the soles 😉

5 ) Small Luggage

In order to transport small items I always use several small pockets. So everything stays well stocked and nothing is lost.

6 ) Pack miracle

If you roll your stuff, instead of folding , you can sometimes save space. Especially on the return trip, where it seems anyway as the case would be much smaller than before, it is useful. In addition, most of the garments hopefully have been worn anyway, so crinkles are no longer a problem if you role messy. ; )

7 ) Dress code

Look if there is a certain dress code. Since I am for some time on a cruise ship this year, I have to take one to two chic parts. There are some beautiful dresses or jumpsuits by Esprit for example.  With these Cloth you are dressed glamorous, but still not completely overdressed.

So that were already my 7 tips on how you can pack your suitcase even better. Now there are 7 must-haves that you should definitely have on your packing list ; )

Summer – Must – Haves

1) bikini or swimming suit

Swimsuits are way far from being uncool this year 😉 Whereby a bikini in my opinion is still better suited for sunbathing : ) My favorite bikinis or swimsuits are from Michael Kors , but as some of you know , MK is anyway one of my favorite brands ; ) tips how you find the right bikini or swimsuit can be found here.

2 ) Sunglasses

Not only the skin should be protected by sunscreen, but also our eyes by glasses with UV protection.

3 ) White Jeans

If it’s getting colder in the evening, a white jeans also fits to summer, but is just a little warmer than shorts.

4 ) Shorts

Shorts are often more practical than skirts, especially if you explore the city. Here I wear a short that looks like a skirt.

5 ) Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit saves one piece of cloth again, because you have your pants and shirt in one. Furthermore they look super sweet and are very convenient.

6 ) beach bag

To avoid that you have to take all things individually to the beach a beach bag is indispensable. A book, a towel, Ipod and cell phone can easily fit in and are protected against sand and water.

7 ) Flat sandals or slippers

especially since Birkenstocks are really trendy again, and you can walk without blisters and aching feet for hours . In addition, our feet are also happy to have some time without High heels. You can find some cool flat-shoes at Michael Kors 😉

Are you also going on vacation , if yes where do you go? If you want to see more of my holiday you can follow me on Snapchat or Instagram (besassique) .

This blogpost was a pleasant cooperation with Peek and Cloppenburg Düsseldorf.


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10 comments on “How to pack your Suitcase even better & Summer – Must – Haves

  • Hi Sassi =)
    Mit dem Kofferpacken ist das immer so eine Sache! Viele deiner Tipps befolge ich intuitiv, andere werde ich demnächst mal ausprobieren… auf jeden Fall ein super Beitrag!
    Ich wünsche dir eine gute Reise und viel Spaß =)
    Liebe Grüße

    • Liebe Sui 🙂 Ja einige Tipps kennt man natürlich schon 🙂
      Schön, wenn dir der Beitrag gefällt und du sogar noch den ein oder anderen Tipp mitnimmst <3

  • Ich schreibe mir auch immer eine Packliste. Ohne, geht gar nicht. Von der Menge her habe ich immer das “falls” Problem. 🙂 Kennst du das ?
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Urlaub.
    LG Tanja

    • Ja ohne bin ich komplett aufgeschmissen… Haha ach ja das “falls” Problem habe ich gerade beim packen auch mal wieder 😀
      Danke 🙂

  • Cooler Blogpost. Mir gefallen vor allem die Flat-Schuhe, da ich sowieso eher kein High Heel Typ bin.
    Liebe Grüße

  • Das sind super Tipps! ich hasse packen so sehr, vor allem weil ich dann immer ratlos vor dem Koffer stehe und irgendwie keine Ahnung habe, was ich einpacken soll. Das nächste Mal schaue ich mir deinen Post davor nochmal an 🙂

  • Liebe Sassi,
    Viel Spaß erstmal im Urlaub und super Tipps! Mein Koffer platzt nämlich immer aus allen Nähten beim Packen! 😀 Die MK-Flats sind wirklich ein Traum. <3 Bis bald meine Liebe
    Tanja. xx

    • Vielen Dank und sehr gerne 🙂 meiner ist auch beinahe nicht zu gegangen 😀
      Oh ja ich liebe die MK Flats *_*
      Bis hoffentlich ganz bald :*