Donating time – Our short trip to Stuttgart with Expedia

Hi, my love,

the year is drawing to a close and so it’s time to look back. This year was not always easy and in the summer there was unfortunately also a personal stroke of fate, which hit us quite hard. But keeping together as a family has given us enough strength to cope with this blow. And when I think back and think about the first gifts, it suddenly becomes clear to me that all these material gifts are never worth as much as time together, time with family, with my boyfriend or with friends.

So I cross out my gift list again and think again from the beginning. Don’t get me wrong also material gifts can be really great, but especially this year has simply shown me that time is actually the most precious gift of all. 😉 Don’t get me wrong – I also like to unpack … ☺ In principle, however, I always find a mixture of material gifts and time gifts super ☺

So I’m thinking: A meal together? Or a visit to the theatre? I scroll through Instagram and look for inspiration when I come across a picture of our short trip to Milan. Okay, stop! How about a spontaneous short trip? It doesn’t have to be far, but such a small change of scenery would do you any good.

I did it said, I’m looking for a suitable destination and quickly find what I’m looking for at Expedia. Since I’ve heard of the wonderful Christmas market in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart many times before, I’m immediately thrilled. In addition Stuttgart has to offer naturally also fantastic musicals. At the moment there is even a light production in the zoo. Only 3 hours away from home the trip is also worthwhile for a weekend! Besides, I can already see super beautiful and affordable hotels at Expedia. I quickly find even more reasons for spontaneous staying in Stuttgart and decide to book the trip directly with Expedia. I’m sure this will be great! *_*

So I’m still looking at Expedia for the right hotel for us and can’t decide at all. So many great hotels and some of them are also real bargains. At the end of the day, I decide on Le Meridian in Stuttgart. The hotel convinces me not only with its modern design, but above all with its perfect location close to the main train station. So we are quickly at the train station both on our arrival and departure as well as on our trip to the Christmas market in Ludwigsburg. Simply perfect! With every click my anticipation increases, not only on the journey itself, but also on giving. I am happy about the decision and look forward to having a wonderful time together.


Yes, I know there are gifts actually only at Christmas, but after all the turmoil and Christmas stress, we really need – and deserve – time together. Just simply time without any obligations, without stress and full of shared experiences and Christmas spirit. And how about Christmas with a small photo book as a souvenir of our trip 😉

After only a few clicks our short trip is booked and I check all travel dates again. Perfect! Now it’s time for us to go to Stuttgart spontaneously on 14.12.!

Isn’t travelling simply a great way to spend time together, experience adventures together and discover new things together? 😉 Satisfied with the decision and the spontaneous, fast booking at Expedia, I close my laptop.



What exactly we will experience, you will see from 14.12. in my Instagramstory 

Do you already have gift ideas or are you more of a last minute shopper? 

As a tip for all those who are just as last minute as I am: you can also give away vouchers veeeery, veeeery spontaneously ;P


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