Phubbing and the digital detox cure

if you are going by public transport nowadays actually almost everyone is on the mobile phone – no matter whether one is traveling alone or in a group. I don’t exempt myself from this. Especially when I’m traveling alone because I meet my friends in the city, I’m online on the whole way. Once, however, I meet my friends I put my phone away at least some time.

As we went for dinner, there were several groups who typed, played or made something else on their phone while they were eating. Communication in real life? What’s this?

Because I found this frightening I wonder if the phone is “the best friend” to some of us.

What is phubbing?

Meanwhile, the word “phubbing” is becoming more and more common. What does that mean? Phubbing denotes tapping around on the phone while you should actually talk to other people.

The word is made up of the words “phone” and “snubbing”. I must say I had never heard this term before this article: O

The student Alex Heigh founded the “Stop phubbing” initiative with its own website. There you can find fun facts about Phubbers and more;)

Also I “love” my phone and especially my laptop. Without mobile, without a laptop, without Internet? In today’s world hardly imaginable.

What is Digital Detox?

Nevertheless, there are more and more people who make the Digital Detox cures. Even my Blogger colleague Tanja of has already written about it.

Doing Digital Detox means that you don’t use your phone, laptop or tablet for a certain period of time. You are simply not available for some time, you don’t have to upload a new image and so you are able to maintain contacts in the offline world.

I came up with the idea that such a cure can definitely be eased with the stickers of Caseapp*. Because if my laptop looks so beautiful when it’s closed, I really like to close it;) So it is also a cool decoration element in fact.

Since I have the Black Marble stickers for my laptop, I’m really looking forward to close my laptop 😀

You do not like Black Marble? No problem at Caseapp* there is something for everyone, because if there’s nothing in the finished stickers selection for you, you can make your own. You can not only design stickers for your laptop but also for your mobile.





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