A closet full of “nothing to wear” or how I choose my outfits


Hi Uniques,

Because you often asked me how I put together my outfits, today there is a post to it. Of course, there are also some tips and tricks on how to quickly create cool looks.
Oh, how much time we stand in front of our wardrobe, pull things out, throw them on the floor and think desperately “I really don’t have anything to wear.”
Well, Fashionblogger know this problem too, or should I say above all Fashionblogger? Finding the right outfit for an event, for a post or for school is sometimes not so easy. When I went to my first events, I was almost desperate, what should I wear.

The Key Piece

Before each shoot, I first look for a key piece to create the outfit, here it is the red coat. Then I think what to wear with it.

Rule No. 1: Know your wardrobe inside and out

Well, easily said, difficult to implement. If you are like me, you know why. Wardrobes are true miracles. Sometimes you don’t believe how much we really store in our closets 😉
Small tip: To keep the overview, I seperate about twice a year – every time I exchange the summer things with the winter clothes. Sometimes you find things that you almost forgot.


Rule No. 2: Be open to new.

Everyone has his favorite piece. You wear it and over again – you can hardly wait until these garments are washed again. But why don’t you take the time and try something new. Combine things that you would normally never combine. Maybe something really cool comes out. You can also be inspired by Pinterest or Instagram.
As soon as I have selected my keypiece, I search for looks that I like and which have a similar piece. So I gradually put my look together. In this case I looked for coats. In addition, I wanted a bright look under the coat to put the Key Piece even more in the focus.

Rule # 3: Prepare yourself

Sure many people are like me. In the morning, you are in a hurry and the perfect look – well, falls by the wayside. That’s why I’m laying out my outfit the evening before. So I can sleep longer in the morning and can get ready at ease. The only decision I still make in the morning is which shoes and jacket I would like to wear.

Rule No. 4: Feel well

In spite of everything, you should feel comfortable with the outfit. Sometimes I combine a look, which looks good in principle, but just doesn’t go with my mood. For this case, I still have the well tried and tested looks in the closet. In addition, you can pimp and change your favorite look with different accessories.

How do you choose your outfits? Do you just combine different pieces or do you also choose a key piece?

Outfit Outfit Outfit Outfit Outfit Outfit Outfit

Coat by Bonprix

Bag by Desigual

Jeans by Hollister

Shoes by Maro Tozzi

Pics by Christian Habel / edited by me




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