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Hi Unique,

both as a blogger and as a student I am on the run a lot – from one lecture to the next, from there directly to a shooting and then to various events and press days. Especially lately the number of projects and events has increased. There is hardly a day on which I come home before 9 or 10 o’clock in the evening, although I have already left the house at 7 o’clock in the morning.

Despite all the fun and good organisation, so many appointments usually lack one thing: good and above all healthy food.

Between appointments I usually have a quick snack on the way. In the evening I’m usually too tired to cook for myself. Fast food is sometimes okay, but every day that’s definitely not the right thing for me. So I thought about it and looked for alternatives.

Healthy, practical and tasty – most suitable also To Go.

Natsu Foods – My tasty helper

After a long search, I finally found Natsu Foods – a young company from Neuss near Düsseldorf that produces high-quality To Go food.

The Natsu Foods Philosophy

With every click and every new info Natsu Foods convinced me more. Whether environmentally friendly banderols, prints without mineral oils, wraps without emulsifiers or sushi without chemical sweeteners, Natsu Foods attaches great importance to sustainability and quality.

Natsu Foods natural ingredients are freshly prepared and then arrive very quickly and well chilled at your home. What can I say – simply delicious!

The Natsu Foods product variety

You’re tired of eating boring sandwiches? Then you should try the delicious sandwiches and wraps from Natsu. But at Natsu Foods there is much more!

My favorites are definitely the delicious salads e.g. the Risoni and of course the fresh sushi.

But also the lunch pots and soups are a really cool idea, especially if I am too lazy again in the evening to cook myself. Simply prepare the pot in the microwave or the soup with hot water and in only a few minutes your full meal is ready.

Yes, I rave about Natsu, and probably your stomach is growling too – but what can I say: It’s just so delicious!

Enough raving, why don’t you try it yourself 😉


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