5 Tips for more motivation and creativity

Hi Uniques,

the grey, dreary weather causes a not too good mood. Most of all, you want to lie in bed and watch one series after another, although you would have to do so much actually.

That’s exactly my currently mood, so I want to give you 5 tips how you can motivate yourself again. Of course, the “Blogger Tips” can also be applied to many other areas.

1) Get some routine

To a post belongs not only the writing, but e.g. also taking photos, edit photos and share the post on various social media platforms. That takes time. Who is not a Professional Blogger has to arrange the remaining time well. Therefore you plan already, when you will publish your blog posts. I publish them always on Wednesday and Sunday.

2) Set yourself stopovers

Instead of undertaking to be a well-known blogger in one year, you should yourself set stopovers on the basis of figures. However, these targets should be realistic, as you will be only disappointed otherwise and so the motivation continues to decrease. You go from one aim to another, and so you never lose the big end goal out of sight, but on the way you can already achieve some success.

Did one of the aims fail, don’t give up. First consider what you can do.

Of course, the targets should not be achieved compulsive, because blogging should still be fun for you.

3) Reward yourself sometimes

If you’ve actually achieved your target, then you should reward yourself. You can be proud of what you have achieved. Do something that you like and take a small break so you can start with renewed vigor and motivation into the next phase.

4) Stop comparing

The way you’re doing it is good for you, just because others grow faster, this doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong. Even with the images it is such a thing – you see the other accounts and could almost despair. Why do all the others take such great pictures and you don’t? Not correct!  Your photos are great also. Because everyone needs time to define his own style. For instance, I’m just working on an own suitable filter to have a recognition value.

5) Meet people

Last but not least: lone warriors succeed usually not as good as cooperative people. Especially in the Blogger scene it is all about giving and taking, for example, contacts. In addition, you can take pics together or visit events. Together it is double the fun and motivation. Just try it and contact a few bloggers in your area.

So my friends, these were my 5 tips for more motivation. What are your tips?


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