Miss Sophie’s Nailwraps*

As announced on Instagram yesterday , I want to show you now my nail design of the recent days. Since I’m a big marble – fan , I opted for the White Marble Design of Miss Sophie’s . However, I have never used before nail foils. So I was pretty sceptical about whether I, as a layman would be able to do my good enough for my graduation ball .

When the packet of Miss Sophie’s arrived, the contents were packed very sweet and a lovely card was included. At this point again a thank you to Miss Sophie’s, that I could choose my Naildesign including a Top Coat and nail file.

Fortunately there were step by step instructions back on the packaging that actually helped me a lot. So let’s start!

1. step:

First of all you have to clean your natural nails with a nail polish remover pad and push back the cuticles. So the nail foils can better stick to your nails. The Nail Wraps adhere to natural nails, painted nails and Shellac / intensified gel nails.

2. step:

Match your nail to the nail wrap that fits best. Tip: If you’re unsure about two sizes, choose the smaller one or trim the larger one to size.
My problem was that my nails are quite narrow and small : D So hardly any nailwrap fitted my nails and I had to trim them. But this is not a problem and it’s really simple .

3. step:

Peel off the nail wrap and place it on the centre of the nail. Press down the nail wrap in the centre of the nail and then apply firm pressure on the edges, so there won’t be any small blisters.

4. step:

Fold down the excess overhanging nail wrap. Using Miss Sophie’s Glass Nail File in a vertical and downwards motion, file off the excess nail wraps. This is really handy, because I thought at the beginning , how to cut the nail wrap fitting exactly on my nail. By filing a super edge is achieved at the nail tip.

I must say that the application was easy to implement and really simple even for amateurs. I’m really excited, how long the Nail Wraps will last.

Have you already had experiences with Miss Sophie’s or Nailwraps in general?


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