Milan Sightseeing Tips incl. Fotospots Guide

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our Milan Girlstrip was less than a week ago and I still haven’t seen all the pictures Tanja and I took. Milan is simply such a great city and full of beautiful corners. Besides the typical sightseeing stops, the city has some secret places worth seeing. Under my instagram I asked what you think, how many pictures were taken in only 3 days in Milan. In fact, some of you were really close, because there were about 5000 pictures. Yes, exactly unbelievable 5000 pictures 😀 I definitely didn’t put zero too much on it.
That’s why there’s a big Milan Sightseeing Guide for insiders including photo spot tips. Besides the stops listed here, we have also discovered several cute, unusual cafes and restaurants (Milan Foodguide). These are also perfect as a photo spot with tasty food as an extra 😉

Milan Duomo

The number 1 attraction is, of course, Milan Cathedral. It is probably the symbol of the city and should not be missing in any Milan sightseeing guide. But I have some extra tips for you 😉
Tip 1: Be sure to book your tickets online and save yourself a lot of waiting time at the ticket counter. This way you can also get in right at the beginning. I recommend to take a ticket incl. cathedral terraces with stairs. There are really only a few steps to the cathedral terraces and the queue at the elevator is usually much longer. The view from above is absolutely great and the ascent is worth it 😉
With the Expedia Add-On advantage you can save up to 26% when booking tickets 😉
Tip 2: If you want to take a picture in front of the cathedral without crowds, you definitely have to get up early. Although we were already there shortly after sunrise at 7.00am, some people were already on the way. From then on more will be added all the time 😉
Another advantage of getting up early is that you can get into the cathedral at 8.00am and onto the terraces at 9.00am – so you don’t have to queue anywhere yet 😉

Viktor Emanuel Gallery

In the Viktor Emanuel Gallery not only the prices in the shops are impressive, but also the construction itself. A visit with a photo is definitely part of a trip to Milan. As with the cathedral, the same applies here: The early bird catches the worm. Because although the shops only open at 10.00am there is already lively activity at 8.00am in the morning. On a picture without 100 people in the background, however, the building really comes into its own and everything seems even more impressive.

Cimitero Monumentale

The Milan Central Cemetery is a real insider tip. Besides the huge tombs, the main building is also absolutely impressive. This tip is particularly suitable for changeable days. In the sun you can visit the burial chambers and mini temples and go back to the main house during a shower to admire the wall and ceiling paintings.

Vogue Kiosk

The Vogue Kiosk is one of the blogger spots in Milan and in fact there were other bloggers as well. Of course there are several Vogue stands in Milan, but we chose the one on Via Croce Rosso 2, because it is relatively close to the cathedral. It is located on a rather quiet street next to a metro station and is therefore perfect for a shooting 😉

Parco Sempione

Besides all the old, beautiful buildings Milan also has a super beautiful park to offer. Since there are really many great places in this huge park, I recommend you to ride your bike. During our walk we discovered the Mobikes for us. You can simply unlock the bikes via app and pay per 20 minutes. If you don’t feel like it anymore, just turn off the wheels and close them with the app. The best thing is that the bikes do not have to be taken to a certain delivery station, but can be left where you can cycle.

Torre Branca

The Torre Branca is probably one of the biggest insider tips, because although the view over Milan is breathtaking, we were the only ones there. The tower was opened especially for us and so we got a private tour for only 5 Euro per person. It’s a pity that everything is glazed at the top and you can’t enjoy the view outside, but it’s still worth the trip 😉

Arco Della Pace

The triumphal arch reminds a bit of the Brandenburg Gate in Milan style. Right in the middle of the arch you can see one of the towers of Castello Sforzesco. Another great photo motif that you can enjoy all alone, because here too we were all alone. Directly in front of the gate is a tram station where the old trams stop. Berlin, Lisbon and Milan in one 😉

Castello Sforzesco

The castle is less secret again, but still worth a visit. As it unfortunately started to rain during our visit, we only strolled through the inner courtyards for a short time. If you have more time, you can buy tickets and visit the castle even further. For photos, however, just like for the cathedral and the gallery, getting up early is the key 😉

Hotel Viu Milan Roof Terrace

Last but not least I have an absolute insider tip, which we also only found during our stay at the Hotel Viu Milan. The roof terrace of the hotel with pool offers a great view over Milan and is perfect for photos. Depending on the perspective, you can even take pictures with the Cimitero Monumentale in the background. I already told you how we found the hotel and saved 26% with the Expedia add-on advantage (first Milan Post). A hotel review will follow this Sunday.


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