Girls’ trip to Milan with the Expedia Add-On-Advantage

How we saved 26% on our Milan Girlstrip with the Expedia Add-On-Advantage

Hi my dears, 

after our party holiday in Croatia with our loved ones, Tanja and I decided to go on a real girls’ trip together. But where do we want to go? We just had the beach and the sea. So how about going to Paris or New York? Or should we prefer London or Berlin? No, we wanted something special – so the choice quickly fell on Milan. A city every blogger would like to visit once. A city full of photo spots, fashion icons and of course gelato 😉

No sooner said than done! So we start looking for a suitable hotel and a flight. You can imagine that this is not so easy: Two blogger girls looking for the perfect hotel, which should not only be centrally located, but also suitable as a shooting location. Besides, the weekend should not be too expensive, the room should not be too small and the breakfast should be included and a pool would also be pretty cool. We search and search, because the selection of chic hotels in Milan is huge. Have you seen this before? No, but look at this! 

Since we already like to fly at the end of August or beginning of September, we do not want to wait too long with the reservation, because not only the hotels, but above all also the flights become ever more expensive. So we decide to book the flights and only then continue the hotel search. Well and that was the best decision of all, because that’s exactly why we found the Expedia Add-On-Advantage. 

The Expedia Add-On-Advantage

Expedia, like many other travel portals, has a huge selection of boutique and design hotels, one of which inspires us more than the other. But the decisive difference is the add-on advantage. This allows us at Expedia to book our flights at our desired times and at a top price. After all, we want to leave very early and fly very late back to have as much of this weekend as possible. Yes, but the real trick comes after the booking, because now the add-on advantage becomes active. Immediately after booking, you can save up to 26% at many participating hotels. How cool is that??? 

The add-on advantage is also great for round trips or other bookings, because the hotel you book with the add-on advantage does not have to be in the same city as the city in which the flight goes. The add-on advantage is also activated with every booking – regardless of whether it is a flight, hotel or flight/hotel combination. 


Our trip to Milan

So the search for our dream hotel in Milan continues full of joy and already some time later the right click was there. We look at each other and we’re both thrilled. Only one click away from our booking;) Click!

Thanks to this great savings opportunity from Expedia, Tanja and I could actually book a super cool hotel in the center of Milan, even with a pool on the roof! But I won’t tell you exactly which hotel it is yet, but you will find out very soon;) 

Now it’s time for us to pack our bags and I would like to book the next and the next but one trip. Yes, I have to say, I was so excited about the Expedia add-on advantage that I would love to book all the time. Learn more about the add-on advantage and search for the best offers.

But as I said, the suitcases are packed first, because you can imagine that this will take at least as long as the hotel selection 😀 

And I’ll see you in Milan 😉


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