Let it go – look back and then forward


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I have red in a post last time “It is said that the spring is the beginning for new things, but for that autumn gives the foundation.”
First, the trees must slowly lose their leaves to create space for new ones. Old ballast is simply thrown off and after the winter all starts again.

Look back and then forward

Instead of throwing off our ballast, we drag it forever. We could be much more successful, motivated and happier without it.
Who does not know them, these absolute “high achiever”. People who work full-time, play 3 more instruments, do sports, and then have success in everything they’re doing.
Well, who wouldn’t want to be like that? Okay maybe not that extreme, but well, just a little bit 😉

But how can we let go?

Surely you have already told a girlfriend “You must let go!” Or “Let go!”, But how exactly does it actually work?
With these 4 steps, you can “easily” let go

1) Awareness

Be sure to write down what weighs on you. Just write down everything that comes to your mind. Sometimes we are not really aware what is really behind everything and only when we actively dig into it we get to the details.

2) Analyze

Why aren’t you able let go? Are you afraid of the feeling or the changing?

3) Improve

Imagine how you could feel after letting go. What positive effects it can have? You know you do not have to worry about it. On the contrary, it will probably be better for you.

4) Accept

Once you accept how it is, you can start to let go.
It doesn’t always go according to your plan, it isn’t always perfect. But as it is, it makes sense. If one door closes also two new ones open.

Be brave and let go


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pics by Christian Habel


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