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My personal London Sightseeing Guide

Hi Unique,

exactly one month ago we were in beautiful London and while I am sitting at home, I review all our experiences. Although we were there only for 4 days, we really experienced and saw an incredible amount.

I was in London several times before our visit and yet this time it was completely different. Because this time there were some very special sightseeing trips. 

London Sightseeing – The Classics

London has a lot to offer and yet there are a few classics that somehow always belong to it – the London Eye, the Tower Bridge and of course also Big Ben.

My personal highlights of this trip

London Sightseeing – The Hollywood Stars

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is of course one of the classics of a visit to London, and yet it is always a very special highlight. I visited the Wax Museum a few years ago on my first trip to London, but a lot has changed since then. Beside many new, great VIPs there is now actually also an area for influencers – that’s amazing. 

While at the beginning you pass the most different celebrities, the second part now offers even more new figures and many join in activities, e.g. buzzers on the voice chairs.

But as the saying goes: the best comes last – and that’s exactly how it was here.

Pure goose bumps, a whole department for Sherlock Holmes sneaking through the dark alleys of Gotham City. Then we came to a huge area of Marvel Avengers, there were not only the characters, but also a super cool 4D movie. Last but not least we’ll finish off with the complete Star Wars saga.

A really great experience with a lot of love for detail


Warner Bros. studio tour – Harry Potter World

My absolute highlight of our London journey was the trip to the Harry Potter world. For a long time I dreamed of seeing Hogwarts. Warner Bros. studios are located a little outside London, so I would recommend that you book a tour including the bus travel. The only problem is the limited length of stay. But we got along very well with the 4 hours provided.

Full of anticipation we sat in the bus and looked forward to the upcoming journey. Time flew by and soon we were standing in front of the studios. First of all I was surprised about this huge square block – this should be Hogwarts? 

But as soon as we entered the building, we were drawn more and more into Harry Potter’s magical world. After a short introduction and a welcome video of the three main actors – Harry, Hermine and Ron – we started directly. Already in the first room it took our breath away, because when we entered the big hall, we also felt like having dinner in Hogwarts. WOW!

Honestly: we couldn’t get out of the amazement, because one original setting was better than the other. Our amazement was only interrupted by funny movie facts and a quick butter beer (but I don’t know what you might like about it :D)

The four hours went by in flight and on the way home we indulged in thoughts of this great excursion. What can I say: Absolutely recommendable, we were enchanted!


London Sightseeing – Cafe Break

With all the sightseeing you need a break from time to time. Some cafes itself were almost even real sightseeing hotspots. Looking for special break spots I found good locations on Instagram as well as at Sistersloft. 

Peggy Porschen – a dream in pink

It is probably the most famous Cup Cake shop in London: Peggy Porschen. Hardly any other entrance has been posted on Instagram as often. Of course I wanted to go there as a real “Pink – Fan” as well. Already from a distance we saw the long queue, so we simply decided for a muffin To-Go and looked for a sunny spot to sit and eat.

Although the cupcakes aren’t really cheap, I can tell you: this store doesn’t just look good. Soooo yummy!

Milk Train – Crazy ice cream with cotton candy

Another café I had found on Instagram was very close to our hotel, so we went for a little “goodbye” ice cream just before we left. You can already imagine: Here we found also a long waiting queue.

In opposite to Peggy Porschen, I have to say: more show than really good ice cream. It looks super cool, but due to the cotton candy the ice breaks off very quickly and so there is usually a mess at the end. So instead of savoring, you have to eat fast.

I hope you enjoyed my slightly different London Sightseeing tips. Did you already know or visit one of my highlights?


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20 comments on “Fancy London Sightseeing Tips

  • Hey Sassi,

    da hast Du ja gleich zwei meiner Highlights beschrieben: Harry und die Sweet Cookies 😀 Danke für die tollen Tipps. Madame Tussauds ist allerdings auch immer wieder schön. Die arbeiten da immer mit soviel Liebe zum Detail … einfach toll! Werde ich bei meinem nächsten Londontrip gleich alles mal machen … LG Ayshi

  • Wow, Deine schönen Bilder machen mir auch gleich Lust auf eine Londonreise.
    Danke für die tollen Tipps. War auch vor Jahren bei Madame Tussauds, die haben ja anscheinend ganz schön aufgerüstet.
    Ist auf jeden Fall nochmal einen Besuch wert.
    Ja und die Harry Potter Welt muss ja wirklich ein Traum sein…
    Alles Liebe

    • Ja ich war auch ganz erstaunt, wie viel sich in Madame Tussauds geändert hatte 😀
      Ich kann dir sowohl Madame Tussauds, als auch Harry Potter nur empfehlen 🙂

  • Ein super schöner Post. London hat einfach so so viel zu bieten. Ich war ja auch neulich erst dort & habe mit Mama natürlich auch die Klassiker angeschaut. Peggy Porschen und Milk Train (danke übrigens für den Tip) sind zurzeit wohl für alle Instagramme Pflicht – aber es ist auch einfach unglaublich lecker dort. xxx

  • Ich war ja auch erst vergangenen Herbst in London und das zum ersten Mal. Finde die Stadt echt wahnsinnig toll und habe leider auch gar nicht alles von meiner To Do Liste geschafft, sodass ich unbedingt wieder hin möchte. Die Harry Potter Studio Tour haben wir auch gemacht, aber wir hatten gar keine Zeitliche Begrenzung. Uns hat man gesagt, das man die Tour normalerweise in vier Stunden schafft, dass wir uns aber so lange Zeit nehmen können, wie wir möchten und das es wohl auch Gruppen gab, die den ganzen Tag dort verbracht haben. Wie am es dazu, dass ihr da eine feste Vorgabe hattet?

    Madam Tussaud haben wir leider ausgelassen, da ich mit meiner Freundin dort war, die schon drinnen war und da die Tickets ja nicht so günstig sind, habe ich darauf verzichtet. Werde das beim nächsten Trip dorthin nachholen, denn die Gruselabteilung, aber auch die über das Tudor England und natürlich auch die Avengers reizen mich total. Da hat England ja doch mehr zu bieten, als das in Berlin.

    • Ja die To Do Liste i London ist lang und so schafft man eben nicht alles – aber das ist ja nur ein Grund um wieder zu kommen 😉
      Wir hatten eine Tour mit einer Bus Hin- und Rückfahrt gebucht. Die zeitliche Begrenzung kam also vom Busfahrer nicht von den Studios 😉
      Du hast recht die Madame Tussaud Tickets sind echt nicht billig (so wie fast alles in London). Trotzdem muss ich sagen es loht sich!