Pure romance – our stay at the Kuschelhotel Gams


Hi Unique,

after my exams we took some time off last weekend at the Kuschelhotel Gams. From Friday to Sunday it should be: romantic hours for two and pure relaxation! No sooner said than done.

Friday morning we start unhurried and reach the hotel around 2.00pm. Even as we drive into the underground car park it is as if we are immersed in a different, somehow much more relaxed world. In this garage (!) we are welcomed by darkly painted walls with a golden flower pattern, columns surrounded by thread curtains and elegant chandeliers that provide pleasant light. Wow! I didn’t think I’d ever say that, but this garage was so beautiful. ­čśÇ

Full of expectations we go up to the reception and are immediately warmly welcomed. You already suspect it – there is no simple hello here either – instead we are greeted with warm, lemon-smelling towels and a glass of champagne. I have to look twice until I can believe that gold is actually floating in my champagne glass! We are led into the next room and cannot get out of the amazement. The next room looks like a huge living room with extremely high ceilings and is slightly oriental. Everywhere are red, soft seats and many cushions. But the highlight is the floor-high fireplace in the middle of the room. As soon as we have drunk our sparkling wine and have really arrived, our room is already ready – even though we were there more than an hour too early!

I had already looked at the rooms on the Internet, but I didn’t know exactly which one we would get, so of course I was a bit excited. But before we enter the room, we see another, really extraordinary highlight at the Kuschelhotel Gams. Our room is in a rotunda and the walls are painted black. All Over┬á the walls is painted and written in gold and silver. Smiling, the employee points out to us that this building is the guestbook, so to speak, and of course we can also immortalize ourselves on a wall. You guys don’t believe how cool this looks! I could have spent hours here just to admire the names, poems and drawings.

But let’s continue to the next highlight – our room. As soon as the door opens, we enter a cream-colored princess dream after the black guestbook. The heart of the room is a huge bed surrounded by translucent organza, which appears almost golden in the sunlight that shines through the window. Opposite there is a curved sitting area with several cushions. We walk around the bed and reach a large bathtub – no, stop – a whirlpool with a view of the mountains! O We go on and get to the rest of the bathroom. When I open two wooden doors there, of which I thought it was the wardrobe, I find a make up table as a crowning conclusion. I am radiant and really happy at this moment, because the room is a dream! Everything seems so soft, so gentle and somehow not quite real. And I know for sure now, nowhere else could we escape from everyday life as well as here. I don’t even have to try to dream, because the whole atmosphere here is already a dream. *_*


Still completely flashed we make our way to the SPA. The bathrobes nestle cuddly softly against our skin and when we enter the SPA area, we are wrapped in soft music. Of course we explore everything first. Have a look at the outdoor pool (which we unfortunately did not use because of the weather) and the relaxation rooms. It quickly became clear which of the 3 rooms was our absolute favorite. The so-called Snoezelen rest room is equipped with unusual, wide loungers for two persons each, some of which float in the air and swing you into relaxation. The loungers are somewhat separated from each other by towels, so that one can always be for oneself and enjoy privacy. But we were lucky and were always alone in the relaxation room anyway ­čśë


We continue to the active SPA area, because there is still a lot to see and experience. Besides two different saunas there are also two steam baths and two pools (one warm and one cold). Of course we tried everything ­čśÇ Here, too, it’s pure relaxation – quiet music, dark walls with a golden flower pattern, dimmed light. Everything seems to happen here a little slower and when we look at the clock, we are really amazed how quickly the time has flown by. Besides the use of the SPA area you can also book treatments. We were allowed to test the chocolate cream treatment (for me as an absolute chocoholic just the right one). You will get a white chocolate peeling. The partner then applies a full milk chocolate pack in a steam bath. The peeling is showered briefly before the package. Afterwards one spends some time in a separate rest room with a delicious hot chocolate. Finally, there is a little surprise in your own room. I won’t say too much about this, but it’s romantic and has to do with chocolate ­čśë Maybe you saw it on my story anyway ­čśë

After this wonderful and more than relaxed day comes the culmination: Dinner. Guys, food porn high 100! I can hardly describe to you how good the food was, because it’s best to try it for yourself, but we rolled into the room every night ­čśÇ

Nevertheless, we were not able to hold back on the huge breakfast selection the next morning. At least we skipped lunch for that ­čśë

All in all, this weekend was simply magical – in the truest sense of the word. It was as if we had left the “normal” world for a weekend in a different, gentler and more relaxed version. Oh, I could still rave about the Kuschelhotel Gams, but better, you just enjoy it yourselves… ­čśë


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