Interior Trends – Tips for your picture wall with Desenio


Hi Unique, 

who doesn’t know it? Actually, you should learn, but suddenly you can think of 1000 other things that are much more important to you, such as redecorating the apartment 😀 

That’s why today’s post is all about interiors and my new pictures of Desenio.

For all of you who haven’t heard or read anything about Desenio yet: Desenio is a Swedish online shop offering stylish posters, prints and frames. The selection is so large that you can hardly decide and my shopping cart is completely overflowing at the end. So you should definitely think about where you want which pictures in which colours – don’t worry, Desenio will have exactly what you have in mind 😉 

You have no idea which pictures you want? Then here are 3 tips for your search: 

1. Plan for the whole room

Take a good look at your room. Which colours are already available there and which colours do you particularly like. What style has the room, is it natural or rather modern? Take your time and look at your room again with completely different eyes. I would say: Music on, dreaming allowed. Already now you will notice, how first ideas come to you, where you could change something and where a picture or a picture wall could fit best.

My living room is modern and mainly pink, grey, black and white. I love harmony and have decided to choose my pictures in these colours. A little contrast won’t hurt. In addition, the palm leaves (Black Palm Tree)  provide for a little relaxation 😉

2. Decide on the installation

You like to be flexible and love to redecorate all the time? Then the new picture frame trend is exactly your thing. Here you don’t have to hang each picture individually, but mount picture bars on which you can rearrange the frames every day. It never gets boring here. However, I have decided on a fixed attachment, because here too I can reassign the pictures at any time 😉 

But pay attention to the rest of the room when making your decision. Is it already a little restless here or is everything very clean? On my sofa, for example, there are a lot of cushions that I sort over and over again and so the pictures don’t have to make things move. 

3. Care for group dynamics

Of course, you can hang up a single picture as a statement, so to speak. Personally, I really like the interplay of several pictures. But also here it is not so easy to find suitable pictures. At Desenio there is a great help, because there is an own category with matching prints. So you already have a “basic stick” around which you can choose your other pictures. 

If the pictures are not from the same collection, it is often difficult to find two pictures with exactly the same colour. Therefore I recommend you simply to add colours of the same colour family e.g. grey tones, or pink and reds. This way you will once again provide more dynamism and that certain something.;) 

You’ve already fallen in love with my five posters? Then here are the exact denotation again

Black Palm Tree One Poster 

Black Palm Tree Two Poster 

Keep it Simple Babe Poster

Triangle Pattern Poster 

Triangles Poster


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