How to wear an All-White Look

The trend of the summer, no maybe of the whole rest of the year, is the White-All overlook. But how do I style such a look without looking like a doctor?

First of all I must say that I felt quite strange at the beginning with this all white look. I am also, as some have probably already seen on Snapchat, a goof. If I wear something white I often fiddle about with anything : D

Still, I love this trend because white is chic, always fits and is timeless. So let’s go with the DO’s and DON’Ts:


  1. Do not be cheap.
    White can look cheap quickly, so do not save money when you buy, for example, a classic white blouse.
  2. Match it right.
    The statement that different white tones do not match is obsolete since a long time. Whether bright white or cream, combine what you like. So the All-White look is still suitable for everyday life and appears less sterile.
  3. Mix it up.
    Not only various shades of white are desired, but also various materials. A pair of jeans can be worn together with a super light blouse. On top perhaps a sweater.
  4. Keep it simple.
    Do not combine too many different styles. Sometimes the simpler the look applies, the more easy going it acts.


  1. Choose the right one.
    Unlike black white doesn’t make us look slim. Too tight cloth let us look thicker and the underwear pushes through even more and is visible.
  2. Nude is the new white.
    White and white bites – at least this is true for the underwear. Under this look you should wear nude underwear at best.
  3. Look amazing.
    Not enough makeup leaves you look pale, so it is important not to save here. Of course, you should not exaggerate, but a beautiful red lipstick and rouge let the facial features fit shine for All-White look.
  4. Keep it silver.
    Gold jewellery. In my opinion white with gold looks quickly as if you go to the next yacht party. Cool silver makes the look appear noble.

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