What to do in Fall – my fall bucketlist

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today I want to give you a few tips on what you can do in the fall –so to say a fall bucket list.

1) Go out!

As I have already mentioned in this post here, I love all the bright colors and the mood in autumn. But all the different red, orange and yellow tones are even more impressive in the forest. If there is still some sun, the atmosphere is really beautiful.

So taking a walk is fun even for me 😉 While you are walking through the woods you’ll find one or the other chestnut.

When I was younger I used to build little figures from chestnuts and toothpicks, today I still love to have a chestnuts in my hand. If they are still fresh out of the prickly shell, they shine beautifully and they are real palm stones.

2) Bake something!

When I finally saw the start-up “Brotliebe” in the series “Höhle der Löwen”, I had the idea that baking bread is a great activity in the fall. In Winter we bake cookies and during fall we can bake bread 😉

In my opinion just the smell, which comes by baking, makes the house cozier. With fresh, self-made bread, there are no obstacles for a perfect evening with your family.

Of course one could buy the bread too, but then the whole warm scent would be gone. Fresh warm bread? What could be better?

3) Take your time!

Get in the bath, read a good book, make a mask or watch a great movie. Hardly a season invites you so much to cozy relaxing. When the rain patters against the window and its cold and windy, you are in the nice warm bed or water 😉 Awesome! Also a visit to a spa resort is a great thing. Swimming, going to the sauna and feel like you are on holidays for a few hours…

If your best friend or the partner comes with, is all even better.

4) Clean out!

Yes, not only in the spring, you can clean out your closet, also fall is great for this activity. The summer clothes are stowed and autumn and winter clothing come out again. Perfect for cleaning out. A tip: take three cartons

a) Get rid of it. Here are things that only hang in the closet since years. Even if you think you might wear them at some point again, put it away! In fact you’ll never wear them again.

In addition, you can put the things that you can still sell aside. So you even get some money by the way 😉 the things you don’t want to sell, you can give to a clothes donation, because here, many people are happy about it.

I would say it could not be better: empty closet, make some money and do something good

b) Let’s see. Here are things that you can still spice up 😉 There are a number of Fashion DIY instructions in the internet. Some I have gathered here for you.

c) Keep. Here your favorite parts 😉 I don’t have to say more to this group 😛

My fall look

Since your wardrobe has some space again, I’ve just got a cool autumn look for you. As I have written in this article, red or orange tones are right on trend this fall. The oversize jacket by Zaful * is made of a thick, warm fabric. Should it be too cold on the forearms, you can easily complement this outfit, by velvet gloves which match the shoes. The cool overknee boots not just look good but are also cozy and warm. An absolute eye-catcher at this look is in my opinion, the handbag in the shape of a cassette *. This you can also buy at Zaful 😉

How do you like the look? What do you wear in autumn? And what are your Fall To-Dos?


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