The big hair trend guide for 2019


We are already revealing the hairstyle trends for 2019: What are the most beautiful haircuts, what are the trendiest hair colours for 2019? We interviewed a hair expert!

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even if it still takes a while until we leave 2018 behind us and start in 2019, I would like to introduce you to the latest hairy trends. What are the most beautiful haircuts and what are the trendiest hair colors in 2019? I have interviewed for you the hair expert Carlos Barroca from the Munich hairdressing salon J7!

Hairstyles Trends 2019

The hairstyles and colours will be inspired at the end of the year and also in 2019 by the streetstyles of the fashion metropolises. The focus here is on as much individuality as possible. Both the hair color and the haircut should match the wearer. Nevertheless, some trends can be identified. 

The Pixie

For brave and rocky women the Pixie Cut comes back. This hairstyle is not only absolutely easy to care for, but also an absolute statement. If that’s not enough for you, you can reach into the paint box again and make sure you get the special highlight. By the way, the Pixie is especially cool in strong red tones.

The Bob

Whether in Sleeklook or as Messy Bob – with this haircut you are absolutely in the trend! Both the bobsleigh and the praise have become an integral part of the hair trend world. So that it doesn’t get boring, there are also some news here. Accurate cuts with a light sleek or wet look are particularly popular.

The Pony

A little retro, a little pony. Yes, the pony is actually celebrating its comeback at the end of the year and 2019 in French Cut. Your pony looks especially cool in combination with a casual stepped cut and medium-length hair. 

You don’t really know if a pony is for you? Then try a fake pony first. You just put some of your hair diagonally over your forehead. The whole thing, then just fix it with a hairpin near your ears and your “Fake Pony” is ready.

The Mullet

For those of you who don’t know: Vokuhila means short short short back long in front. So far the Vokuhila from the 80s was considered rather as a sign for bad taste. So to speak a must have every bad button party. But yes, this trend is also celebrating a real comeback – fortunately only in a more moderate form. 😀
 Cool styled can also be a Vokuhila modern and casual. 😉

The permanent wave

Voluminous curls, fine curls or Afro looks are a megatrend at the end of the year and in 2019. So the permanent wave catapults us back to the 80s besides the mullet. But also the perm gets a modern touch. Instead of small curls it is carried in gentle, shining waves. The permanent wave 2.0 is no longer reminiscent of dirty dancing but rather of elegant beachwaves.
 By the way, the chemical treatments are no longer as harmful as they used to be, so don’t worry 😉

The Hair Colours Trends 2019

Although there is also a trend towards more individuality in hair colour, some trend patterns can also be seen here. Cool pastel shades are absolutely 2018! In 2019, we’ll make it pop with intense colors. In general, one thing can be said above all: It gets colourful!

Warm colours

But before we really get into it, let’s start with something more natural. The cool granny look from 2018 will become Warm Grey in 2019. But the colour palette also has a lot to offer in other respects. In the blonde sector we are enthusiastic about both white blonde and vanilla blonde. Copper red then leads to chocolate brown. No matter which colour you choose, it should have a warm golden shimmer as its base. This makes your look a little softer. 

Bright colours

Instead of naturalness, Ombre 2.0 or Black Ombre uses strong colours. This trend is particularly cool with its black base and coloured lace. Strong colours are not only used in the course, but also on the whole head.
 Just as with the more natural look, you should also pay attention to a warm undertone when choosing the colour. Instead of a cool pastel pink, the choice for 2019 is clearly a soft rose.


Stretch Lights create a super beautiful, natural look using colors similar to your own hair color. These are then applied with a fine brush from bottom to top.
 Low lights create a “Sun Kissed” look. Your lower hair will be made darker so that your actual hair color is the highlight. This technique is not only super gentle for your hair, but also makes no problems growing out.

Wow, there are some super cool trends coming towards us again in 2019. During my visit to J7 Munich, I was already able to put some of these trends into practice. In addition to an accurate, yet very soft and feminine cut, various blonde shades such as vanilla blonde were used. Although the blonde tones seem cooler, they have a warm undertone to make my look a little softer. By the combination of altogether 3 colors, the dear Carlos could conjure me a wonderful natural color result. 

Which trends do you like best and which are absolute No Go’s? Do you think you’ll test one or the other?


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