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Hi Uniques,
The year is drawing to a close and we are slowly thinking about how we want to spend the last day of the year what we want to do this year and what we plan to do next year.
This year I attend a very special event on New Year’s Eve, because I go to a Great Gatsby party. Fortunately, the date here in Munich is exactly on New Year’s Eve. However these parties are also in various other cities. Yesterday, for example, a Gatsby party took place in Copenhagen.

But what kind of party is it?

The motto is “Party like a Gatsby” and those of you who know the movie The Great Gatsby know what I’m talking about. 😉
Once again, feel the glamor of the Golden 20s, also known as the “Roaring Twenties”, enjoy this very special flair of extravagance and return for a couple of hours in time. Doesn’t sound that great? But there is more. Through stunning showacts the evening is even better and amusing. In addition to burlesque dancers, fire artists and live music, some acts even swing right over our heads.

Who is that Mr. Gatsby?

Everyone has heard this name before – Jay Gatsby. At least since Leonardo Di Caprio played Mr. Gatsby, everyone knows him. But who exactly is Jay Gatsby really?
Jay Gatsby is rich, very rich. He lives in a villa and is known for his weekly parties. This is all that his guests know about the mysterious young man. Nobody knows where he and his money come from, yet everyone wants to be invited to his parties. He is considered to be extremely generous and attentive. But what else should the guests say differently, because at his parties there is just everything you could wish for!
No one is celebrating as extravagantly as Jay Gatsby! as shown in Fig.

Dress code? Definitely!

So that the party becomes really authentic, there is also a dress code. In the best case you should of course dress in the style of the 20s, but if you do not want to buy something new, you can also wear a evening dress or a suit.
Well, the question is, how girls in the 20s dressed for such parties.

Emancipated, glittering and crazy – the woman of the 20s

Eton crop, sequins and feather boa – that’s the picture you see in front of you, if one thinks of the 20s.
With the beginning of emancipation, the style of clothing also drastically changed. The corset was replaced by loose falling clothes – the hangers’ dress was born. As the new energetic dances demanded freedom of movement, the dresses quickly became shorter and shorter until they were only knee-length. The cuts of the evening dresses were simple, but embellished by various sequins, pearls and silk fibers. Pearls, a feather boa and an extravagant headdress were the accessories of the time. Also typically were the cigarette tip, which, beside the Eton crop, showed the somewhat more masculine part of the women.
Of course, you do not have to cut your hair, but if you want to be quite authentic, you can of course buy a wig;)
For the perfect look, only the perfect make-up is missing. Bright powder, lots of kajal and heavily painted lips complete the seductive look.

Elegant, stylish and attentive – the man of the 20s

Just like the women, there was also an absolute it-piece – the Stresemann suit. This suit consists of a black jacket and a dark vest. Depending on the occasion, the look could be supplemented by a hat or a sporty peaked cap. The men’s accessories also changed – the belt is replaced by braces, the watch by a pocket watch. In addition, the casual tuxedo and the tailcoat remained part of the style-conscious man of the 1920s.


You like what you read? You also want to be part of this extravagant glamour party? Then I have just the right thing for you. I draw 2 tickets for the event in Munich on 31.12. So grab your best friend or boy friend and off you go!
What do you have to do?
1) Follow me on a channel of your choice.
2) Write in the comment where you follow me with which name and why you should win the tickets.
3) Wait and be caught by surprise;)

Closing Date: Saturday, 10.12.2016
Note: Participation is only 18 years and older. The legal process is excluded.

Gatsby Gatsby Gatsby Gatsby Gatsby Gatsby Gatsby

Pics by Christian Habel

* This post has been created in loving cooperation with Party Like A Gatsby.



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