Organized pre-Christmas period with Ferratum Bank

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The year is slowly coming to an end, the time is passing faster than expected and in 2 months it’s even Christmas time again – while I’m sitting and writing here, I can’t believe it, only 2 months??

The colder weather lets us get our hats, gloves and thick scarves out of our cabinets. Soon we rush through the city in warm jackets and search for the perfect presents for our loved ones. From one store to the next, with one, with two, with three bags. Heavily packed, but happy to have found something beautiful again, we are on our way home. The only thing that’s light on the way back is our wallet.

In addition to all the contemplation, anticipation and love in the last few months of the year, there is also another side to it: stress, no overview and yes, even the one or other financial worries are causing us problems.

Money isn’t talked about – is it?

In fact, there is no talk of earnings, money worries and one’s own assets.

But apart from these, there are many other topics around our beloved money and I want to show you some of them today. Thanks to Ferratum Bank, I understood that money is an important issue, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

Christmas and the beloved money

Especially before Christmas money is a problem for many people, because as contemplative as the season is, it is so strenuous and above all expensive. Gifts here, family meals there, another quick ski trip with your girlfriend – and suddenly you have the feeling that the bills are flying out of your wallet.

At the next glance, the wallet is empty again and you don’t really have an overview where all the money has “disappeared” at once.

Do you want to do better this year and start the pre-Christmas season organised? Then I have an ultimate Money Help Guide for you today.

With these tips you not only keep track of what’s going on, but you’re always ready and willing to save money as well. That sounds cool? All right, let’s go!

Always have what you need – current account of Ferratum Bank

Today you’re going to have a great Christmas gift shopping trip with your best friend. Since you already know that such shopping trips can be a bit more expensive, you just have to withdraw some money at the vending machine.

Fortunately, you can access your Ferratum Bank checking account online every day, no matter where and how long it takes you – without any hidden costs. If you still have some money that you don’t really need, you can quickly transfer it to your bank account without TAN’s and instead of paying fees, you will also get relatively high interest rates compared to other bank accounts – as a little Christmas gift just for you, so to speak;)

How could this shopping trip start any better?

Easy borrowing – send money by SMS

You move from one shop to the next, chat and laugh a lot and always find super cool gifts. As your successful shopping trip draws to a close, you see it, this is the perfect gift, the crowning glory of your shopping trip. You enter the shop enthusiastically and go to the checkout with your discovery. Just as you’re about to pay, your gaze falls into your empty purse. Empty???

You look at your girlfriend and ask her if she’s lending you anything. You assure her she’ll get it back right away. She laughingly takes your insurance:”Yes, that’s enough next time.

But you’ll be able to withdraw your mobile phone, enter the invoice with the scan function and send the money to her via SMS – without any IBAN or BIC.

Borrowing better and more reliable money is hardly possible;)

Keeping an overview – the Ferratum Bank App

Arriving home, you will see all the shopping and are more than satisfied. But how much did you spend today? You’re still surprised where all the money was in the last store. How much did you take off again? Oh, and then you have paid with your free MasterCard from Ferratum Bank, which belongs to your current account.

Luckily you have the app of Ferratum Bank, because there you can quickly see how much you have spent today. Instead of logging into a complicated portal or even going to the bank, you simply check your debits and transactions in the app and you have the perfect overview.

Ready for large gifts – uncomplicated overdraft facility

As successful and wonderful as your shopping trip was – some gifts simply don’t fit in bags, because you have something very special plans for one of your loved ones. You want to give her a trip. However, when you take a quick look at your Ferratum Bank app, what you see isn’t exactly what you expected. Oops, the shopping trip was  a bit too exuberant: O

What now? Suddenly you remember the offer of straightforward overdraft facilities. Thanks to your current account at Ferratum Bank, you are also prepared for short-term purchases with higher expenses. Perfect!

Always be prepared – Ferratum Bank Currency Diversity

Finally, you have all the presents together. You’ve found something for everyone, so all you have to do is pack up your things. Finally, you come to two very special gifts. They are among your absolute highlights, because these two achievements are not from any shopping mall, no, they are from your last trip. You just happened to see her and thought about your best friend. You drift off instantly and wallow in thoughts. This trip was just dreamy, well, and a little bit chaotic. Laughing you see yourself again in the mall, how you want to pay your souvenirs with Euros, because you forgot to change money because of all the anticipation. Fortunately, thanks to your account at Ferratum Bank, you were able to withdraw money quickly at the nearest ATMs with your free MasterCard without any foreign exchange charges, even with 7 European currencies. Fortunately everything went well, because otherwise you would have two special gifts less.

You are happy to look at the “Gift Hill” in front of you. Each piece lovingly packed. And when you see it that way, you’re a little proud of yourself. Because this year you had everything under control. You had the full overview and yes, you even felt a bit more contemplation than in the years before, didn’t you?


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