The Zauberlehrling – magical nights at the design hotel in Stuttgart

Hi Uniques,

It is magical, it is enchanting, it is special – “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (“Der Zauberlehrling”) the design hotel in Stuttgart.

Hardly any hotel else would be better suited to the motto, the uniqueness, because in the 13 rooms and four suites, attention is paid to every little detail.

Uniqueness is celebrated in every room, at the service and at the food. Everything is somehow special and there is hardly anything that has not been thought out perfectly.

Each way of life has its own magic

Each guestroom has its own theme and is designed to fit your specific needs. No room there is similar, no decoration is found a second time – each room is unique.

From the Titanic Room, the Paddington Room to the Suite of 1001 Nights – many films and themes are on display, various styles are shown and different cultures are lived. The design hotel in Stuttgart is like a microcosm, like a small world of its own. A world that can be visited in only a few hours. A world that makes movies and dreams come true. A world so close and yet so far away. A world that invites you to relax and to dream.

A world that feels so enchanting and magical that it can almost not be real.

The Black Box

When I first saw all the amazing rooms, I could hardly decide.

Should I paddle with the sweet and funny Paddington Bear in his copper bathtub or should I travel to the Orient to spend fabulous nights in 1001 nights? Or how about a trip to Switzerland, a rustic and cozy chalet? Or should I be on my way to Heaven and explore the Floor to Heaven?

You see, the decision was obviously difficult for me, it was a back and forth. But in the end I decided to go to a totally different room: The Black Box!

The Black Box stands for surprises, you do not know what to expect. That’s exactly what I wanted, I wanted to be surprised!

But let us start again from the beginning:

The arrival

After a long drive and an extensive shopping tour at the Metzingen Outlet we arrive exhausted. Thanks to huge flags on both buildings, we immediately recognized the design hotel in Stuttgart in a quiet side street. Nevertheless, the hotel is only a 10 minute walk from the town center.

We parked in the associated garage, and then it was finally so far. We opened the door and were immediately sent to another world. Already in the entrance area you are greeted with unusual decor, special decoration and nice staff.

With a sparkling wine reception the check – in is still a little sweetened. Then it’s finally up to the room. I was really excited about what the Black Box has to offer.

Already in the hall I was thrilled by the illuminated fields, which show in front of each door, what theme is hidden behind the door.

The room

So here we are. Right in front of our door, right in front of our illuminated sign. Just one step away from opening our Black Box. We enter the room and before the door falls back into the lock, we are astonished, because behind the door hides a very special place. It is dark, earthy and striking. One might think that one would be in Africa, would not be this modern bathroom area. From a whirlpool bathtub, a massage shower to a glass wardrobe – technical perfection.

The mixture of the striking sleeping area and the modern bathroom was really surprising and yet exactly right.

The room was designed perfectly, and the longer I stand in this room, discover everything and always discover new, yes, the more I love it. I love the combination of simplicity, almost scantiness combined with luxury and design. I walk through the room and I just have to touch everything. I need to feel these natural materials. The slate, the concrete, the olive wood and then the glass again. This room is not only a journey for the eyes, but also for the hands.

This black box was a successful surprise that really inspired me. So if you do not want to have a standard hotel room, then you are right here.

The Breakfast

When I woke up after a magical night in the design hotel in Stuttgart, I asked myself briefly, where I am actually, because like Stuttgart the room really does not look. 😉

But quickly I knew again that I had slept in my black box thanks to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Zauberlerling). Even before I can get up, my belly is already signaling: hunger! And so we get ready quickly and go for breakfast. Since the sorcerer’s apprentice (Zauberlehrling) is a small but fine hotel, I only expected a small breakfast. When we arrive in the next building, we are surprised again, because we are expected from a yummy buffet.

From fruits, to pancakes and omelets to orange juice, everything is there. Everything real fresh!

Here, too, everything is done with great attention to detail. The pancakes are even baked in heart shape. But the buffet not only looks incredibly delicious, but everything tasted very good.

A cozy place right at the window makes the breakfast even better.

The good bye

After breakfast, it is time to say goodbye to all the magic in this wonderful design hotel in Stuttgart. Everyday life is calling again, and farewell is anything but easy. But I know I’ll surely come back.

Maybe you are looking for a time out and would like to stay in a very special room? Then you are exactly right here.

Der Zauberlehrling” is by the way not only a design hotel in Stuttgart, but also a cooking school and a restaurant. If an overnight stay is too expensive, you can also be enchanted by an extraordinary dinner or learn some magical cooking tricks.

*Advertising. This article was created in loving cooperation with “Der Zauberlehrling”, a design hotel in Stuttgart.



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