The perfect Make-up for the first date – so you catch him

Hi Unique,
Last Sunday the Date series unfortunately had a small break, because besides the Fashiondeluxxe charity bazaar there were also private celebrations 😉
But yes, now it’s time. The big day has arrived. The time is settled, you have already decided, what you want to do and you have already arranged your look. But before you get dressed, you still have to do your make up. You’re sitting in front of the mirror and thinking about how you should paint your face. Everything should be perfect.
For a perfect date a lot of matters are important. – besides the date ideas you need the right outfit, the right Make-up and of course the right partner.
So I thought about writing a blog post series for you and your perfect spring date, which consists of the following four parts:
The Date Ideas
The Date Outfit
• The Date Make-up
• The Date No Go’s
The first two parts of the Date series are already online. So the date idea and the date look are already thought of. Today this series continues with tips for your perfect make-up.

So now you are sitting at your dressing-table, in front of your mirror, and although you know how to do your make up, now you do not know how to start. You do not want to look childlike or artificial. But your everyday look seems somehow too normal, not perfect enough. How and where should you begin?
With the following tips, not only will your look, but hopefully also your date a real success.
Nevertheless, as always: stay true to yourself, because this date is about you and your personality. Do not change, but show your real you. So if you do not use make up in general than don’t use it for the first date, but if you always use very extreme Make-up, do it. 😉
So enough talk and off we go …

Choose a good foundation

With your primer, the concealer and the Foundation you should rather do no experiments. If you want to try something new, you should practice this at least once in advance. When I wanted to make a particularly special Make-up before an event, it turned out to be a bit different than expected. My Make-up was special, yes, especially bad. The Foundation has become totally stained, so I had to remove Make-up and start all over. Anyway the look is not perfect, because by removing make-up the skin is already a little irritated and does not take up the primer and the foundation so well.

Look into my eyes, baby

They say that the eyes are the gate to your soul. Is that true? No idea. However, a sexy eye-catch can delight 😉
With a filigree eyelid line, you focus on your eyes without having it overdone. The most natural look is when you’re just brushing your top eyelashes.
In addition, the dove tail should point slightly upwards at the end. On the other hand, your eyes can quickly look small and sad – which you are certainly not on the first date.
To make the whole look even more sensual, you can still apply some eye shadow in a nude tone. I love to put some glitter into my look that way.

Red lips should be kissed

After the eyes, men find our lips the most attractive. Red is the classic and never too obtrusive. However, it is anything but easy to conjure the perfect lips for kissing. But with the following tricks you get that easily.
Not only on your face, but also on your lips you should always first apply a primer. Not only is the durability extended, but also small “mistakes” are retouched. So that you can get nice edges, you should first boarder your lips with a lip liner that fits your chosen lipstick. Then you apply the color from the inside to the outside. And finished is your kiss mouth.

Of course, you can combine the lip and eye Make-up differently. Personally, I always like to focus on one point, either: I decide for a more powerful eye make up or for bright lips.
Now you can apply a little blush and fix everything with transparent powder and finished is your perfect date Make-up.
I hope I could help you with my guidance and the one or the other tip, but ultimately you will convince with your naturalness and your character will be perfectly on focus 😉

After all these tips, I wish you and your date a wonderful time – and who knows what the future brings?
Next Sunday it continues with my absolute Date no go’s and I’m already curious what happened to you 😉

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