Swimwear Trends – The 5 biggest swimwear trends 2019

Swimwear Trend Guide – The 5 biggest swimwear trends 2019

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it’s hot out there and the first tanning lines are already there. Couldn’t it always be summer? Even though summer will last a while (hopefully!), there are still some bargains on sale . That’s why I’m already showing you the bikini and swimwear trends for 2019 today – maybe you can already get a new trend piece for next year in the sale. Besides, you probably like many bikinis and swimsuits with your summer tan better than on pale winter skin 😉

So that all my fashion lovers can enjoy the next summer in style right from the first hot day, here are the top 5 swimwear trends for 2019.

Your swimwear trends

1. Swimwear trend – Swimsuit

For a long time I found swimsuits totally grandma-like and boring. But for Shootings they are simply perfect . They flatter every figure and even the simple models look somehow elegant. But next year, the swimsuit will also show more skin: high “Baywatch” legs, cut-outs, lattice details or sexy lacings add that extra touch. Swimsuits will be a real eye-catcher in 2019!


2. Swimwear trend – Criss Cross Bikini

Not only the swimsuits, but also bikinis get significantly more details. Various lacings and ribbons provide a real WOW effect. Unlike the swimsuit, this year’s bikini does not show more but rather less skin. The cool stretch ribbons are definitely real figure-flattering. The only problem? Tanning Lines all over 😉 So if you don’t want to look like a chipmunk, don’t use this bikini for sunbathing 😉

3. Swimwear Trend – Knotted Bikinis

In addition to the ribbons of the Criss Cross bikinis, 2019 knots will be an absolute trend. Whether a knotted top or knotted bikini pants – this trend ensures a cool, relaxed beach babe look. Since many bikini tops resemble crop tops, this trend can also be combined super cool to shorts on the way to the beach 😉

4. Swimwear Trend – Rashguards

What used to be regarded more as functional swimwear will become a trend piece in 2019. So far, the so-called Lycra shirts were mainly used by surfers to protect themselves from UV radiation. However, the fabric will be used in sporty bikinis and swimsuits in 2019. The long-sleeved versions look particularly cool.

5. Swimwear Trend – Colours and Patterns

2019 we say goodbye to bright, intense colors. Instead, pastel shades are becoming an absolute trend. But natural colours, such as terracotta, also have a great effect. These delicate, natural colours are best combined with dots, gingham or floral patterns. Animal Prints will also be up to date again in 2019.

Since some trends have already announced themselves for 2018, the chances of one or two lucky finds are definitely not bad.

Which trend do you like best?


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