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wow, I’m still overwhelmed by the more than 20k Instagram subscribers. I can still remember my Start very well. I did not know how to begin – with both my blog and Instagram. I was unsure when to post, what to post and how to get the most attention.
But now I came that far only just because of you. A Million Thanks for all your comments, your likes and your support. Blogging is a wonderful hobby and I could not life without it anymore, so there are some Blogging Tipps on how to start blogging today 😉
Getting Started: How to start best?

1) Think of a topic

What are you interested in? Do you like fashion, makeup or maybe cooking?
If I’m honest the blog market is already very crowded, so it wouldn’t be like “I blog today and then I’ll be successful.” The later you start into the scene, the less chance you have to get really big. Perseverance, ambition and above all fun are the keywords here. You should not start, only to be successful, but simply because you enjoy it.
You might even find a niche which gives you then a chance to get really big 😉

2) Think of your name

Now that you’ve already set the single topic or multiple topics you can consider a name. This may have something to do with you do with or your blog itself. Of course, the name may also have no special meaning and is just creative. Your blog name is extremely important, because you will then be rediscovered by it.
The name of my blog “Be Sassique” is composed of “unique” (unique) and my name “Sassi”.
The bigger your blog gets, the more your blog name transforms into your brand. You won’t be recognized again as Sassi, but as Be Sassique. So do take your time and don’t rush your decision)

3) Pick the right provider

The best-known blog providers are and As some of you know I had my blog at Blogspot until recently. A friend of mine who had also hosted her blog there recommended this. I was actually very happy, because it is easy to build a blog. However, I must say that the Free Templates by WordPress are a bit nicer. In addition, you can change so simple to your own domain later on, from then on I would namely always work with WordPress. Here, the design options are just better.

No money, but only passion

Again and again I am asked how much I spend for my blog. At the beginning I have invested nothing except a lot of time and passion in my blog. Only with the purchase of a suitable domain a blog starts to cost something 😉 So you can try everything you want and see if you like blogging at all.
So what are you waiting for? Try yourself and who knows, maybe it is just as much fun for you as it is to me;)


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