Black all over – Funeral or Style?

Black all over

Hi Uniques,
With the cold temperatures, the winter jackets are also brought out again. I personally mainly have grey, black or dark blue winter jackets. Why? It is simply practical because it fits to everything. However, the look becomes completely black or grey very quickly.
Black is one of my favorite colors, but nevertheless a completely dark outfit can look very boring or worse – it looks like you’re going to a funeral.
So how can you design a black allover look the best, so that it is still exciting, stylish and special?

1) Material mix

You can quickly create a highlight by combining different materials. Whether you combine leather with wool and jeans or lace with velvet – it is up to you. There are no limits to your creativity. If you want to wear a Black All Overlook even underneath your jacket, the BH can calmly shine trough.

2) Hair styling

Closed hair make a dark outfit look strong, but open hair gives the look something light and playful. Depending on the occasion, an pinup can also look more serious and enhance the look.

3) Make-up

With a dark look, the make-up can be a little stronger. Of course, you should not look like you have fallen into a painting box, but your eyes and lips you can definitely be emphasized more than usual. Also a nice nail polish can spice up the look.

4) Highlights

The look doesn’t have to be completely black. Instead, you can include small highlights. Bright shoes or a cool cap. So your look is somewhat relaxed.
Jewelry cannot be missed! The best thing about black is that both (rose) gold and silver fit perfect.

5) Cuts

Also a special cut can spice up your Black Look. A special collar, flounces or oversize there are several trends this winter and fall with which you can be well noticed. 😉

But basically the main rule is: Carry what you want, because if you feel comfortable your inner refulgence will shine so much, that you hardly need any highlights 😉
What do you say about the Black All Overlook? Do you have the same problem as me?

Pics by Christian Habel

Black all over

Black all over

Black all over

Black all over

Black all over

Black all over





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