New Year’s Eve in Abu Dhabi


Hi Unique,

now the first two weeks of the new year are over and although I have only had university for one week, it feels like an eternity again. Maybe you feel exactly the same way and you are looking desperately for a little break?

Nothing easier than that, because today I’m taking you on a little trip to Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi – 1001 Nights meets The Future

It’s late in Munich when we get on the plane. The airplane is full because everyone wants to escape the German winter. As soon as I’m sitting on my seat, I’m already starting a movie and my eyes are closing while the plane starts. Hardly 5 hours later I am woken up by the light that falls into the window of the plane – just in time to catch a glimpse of Abu Dhabi from above. It is only 7 o’ clock in the morning and so the lights of the city are still on, while the sun is slowly rising over the desert. Wow! This mixture of 1001 nights and the city’s modern buildings flashes me anew every time!

When we get off the plane, I expect a heat wave, but unfortunately there is none. Instead, I feel comfortable dressed in jeans and a cuddly sweater and remember: it’s wintertime here too 😀

How fortunate that I only have summer clothes with me – well, as long as it looks good on the pics 😀

Yas Viceroy – Modern elegance

After a short bus ride I see it from a distance: the Yas Viceroy – our hotel for the next week. This hotel is an architectural masterpiece, but what large building in Abu Dhabi isn’t? And yet the Yas Viceroy still adorns many postcards, not least because of its unusual silhouette and the fantastic night illumination!

After we admired the hotel, moved into the beautiful rooms and unpacked the first parts, finally we are having breakfast. What can I say? Yummy! This buffet leaves no wish unfulfilled, because there is everything from fresh fruit and pancakes to eggs of any kind and traditional Arabic breakfast.

This hotel not only looks very chic, but also has a special location. Car fans watch out: Directly around and through (!) the hotel leads the Formula 1 track. Girls don’t be sad, the SPA is big and the mall not far 😀

However, the Formula 1 circuit or the general noise level is also my only point of criticism. Since everyone can rent and drive (very) fast cars there, it is especially loud at the pool. The hotel is also very close to the airport, which is why the car noise is occasionally interrupted by airplanes. Only on two evenings a week there is peace and quiet on the Formula 1 racetrack – because then it is possible to rent a bike and drive on the track with your own power – a real fun!

This hotel is definitely more suitable for the enterprising than for those looking for relaxation.

After such an action-packed day, of course, you have to strengthen yourself. The Yas Viceroy does not only offer one, but several restaurants. Every day you can choose between Indian, Asian, Italian, Arabic or buffet – no matter what you choose, it’s sooooo tasty! I’m just saying Food Baby Alarm 😀

Abu Dhabi Action – Wild Desert Safari

After a few days of relaxation we are planning something very special today, because we will do a desert safari. I admit, I was a little scared in advance. Although I don’t really get seasick, I often read how wildly the drivers speed through the desert. If you should hesitate for this reason: Forget it! This tour is just awesome, don’t miss it.

After a 1 hour drive we stop at the edge of the desert, the endless sand in front of us and our driver lets air out of the tires, so that we can cruise right through the dunes. And then it starts – from one dune to the next, up and down, left and right, diagonally up and crossways down – simply madness! From the very beginning the fun factor is 100% and in the car there are real alternating baths of emotions with sharp screams and penetrating laughter. In between we stop for pics and look at baby camels (they were so sweet!!). The almost 3 or 4 hours pass as if in flight. Honestly, I never would have said before this safari that 3 to 4 hours drive by car would be like flying, let alone having fun: D But this trip was just great!

The last stop of our desert tour is a Bedouin camp. There is not only Arabian food, but also henna tattoos and a dance show. After the breath taking sunset in the desert it gets cold quite fast: Don’t forget warm jackets! You can’t imagine how fast hot desert sand can get really cold … 🙂

Abu Dhabi Louvre – a masterpiece

After the wild desert tour, there will be a cultural contrast program the next day: the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. Already from the outside it looks great – almost like a landed UFO. From a distance, it appears so massive and the closer you get to the entrance, the more striking the filigree roof appears.

As soon as you enter the inside through the revolving door, you are beamed into another world. Everything is white, clean and modern – somehow like you might imagine the future. The building, which is so conspicuous from the outside, is completely reserved inside and focuses on art.

Maybe you’re not really a museum fan. Yes, I also admit that visiting museums is not one of my favourite pastimes, but this visit is worthwhile! In addition to the multifaceted works of art, technical highlights and unusual concepts have been implemented time and again. The fact that the museum is half on land and half in the sea gives the impression in some exhibition rooms that the sea flows through the walls into the exhibition space. This great impression is created by the many ceiling-high windows on the water side.

Another highlight after the exit from the exhibition is the huge covered plaza. Here you are once again beamed into another world. The ceiling, which is so massive from the outside, is perforated and provides an unbelievable play of light on the floor. It’s like a dream world, so special and different!

Abu Dhabi Vlog

So that you can imagine all these experiences even better, here comes my announced video 😉 I hope you like it and I am looking forward to a thumbs up or a subscription 😉

See you soon Abu Dhabi!


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