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Maybe you are, just like me, sitting in front of your laptop with a cup of tea in your hand, cuddled in a warm blanket – yes you could mean it is winter. If the weather outside doesn’t want to play along, well, then you have to make yourself warm thoughts.

So I take you today to Abu Dhabi – sun, beach and wonderful 35 degrees.

That sounds so much better than snow, rain and 1 degree, right?

A thought journey to Abu Dhabi

Right now you are on your way to the airport. Even if you pull your heavy suitcase behind you, you will notice how you feel more relaxed with every step. After you hand in your luggage, you almost float with anticipation. Soon you will leave the wet-cold weather behind you, and until you come back, it is for sure much warmer again.

You notice how the pressure rises on your ears and slowly spreads that tingling sensation in your belly. The plane lifts off and you have to grin – yes, not long to wait anymore. In just under 6 hours you will be in Abu Dhabi. A week of relaxation, action and surprises is coming closer minute by minute, mile by mile.

The time on the plane has passed quickly and you are glad to be at the hotel soon. The aircraft doors open, and hot air hits you. In the first moment, it’s like you are running against a wall of hot air. But you soon realize how pleasantly warm it is.

Star Feeling in Abu Dhabi

You have your luggage and get into a taxi. The city passes by and you think how incredible it is that all this was desert once. All these futuristic buildings are a strong contrast to the stunning beach and the turquoise sea. During the trip, you always look back at the guidebook and read that Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi therefore means as much as “Father of the gazelle”.

But as the taxi drives up the driveway of the “Emirates Palace”, you automatically set aside the guidebook. The driveway is breathtaking. The long alley is lined with palm trees and then splits in front of a large square with water games into two streets. Finally, the taxi driver stops in front of the incredible entrance, and when your door is opened immediately, you feel a bit like a star

Also in the hotel you will be carried on hands. In addition to a refreshing, chilled towel you get a delicious welcome drink.

Now you will be escorted to your room, and when the door opens, your eyes will grow. The room is not just huge, but lets you think about 1001 nights right away. The elegant, refined furniture combined with a great view and the latest technology – perfect. The bathroom is the next highlight and is as exquisite as the rest of your room.

You can feel the 5 star luxury, some say that hotel could have even 7 stars, everywhere. From exclusive rooms and suites to the award winning cuisine, exclusive service is guaranteed and lived.

Yes, you could stroll through the Emirates Palace for hours – and it would not be boring.

Let the water flow in Abu Dhabi

Your things are well stocked in the big wardrobe, the bathing suit is packed and the sunglasses ready. With this awesome weather you want, even if the room is great, explore the pool and the beach. Luckily there are signs everywhere, otherwise you could get lost on your way out.

A staff member responsible for the poolside guests immediately notices you and awaits your arrival with three towels. He looks with you for a sunbed, attaches two towels and lays a third on top. He provides a sunshade for you – if that is not perfect service;)

Only now, you notice how big the pool is. The best thing is, there are hammocks in the water.

Isn’t that relaxing!

After all, what you saw in the guidebook, you are curious about the beach and the sea. Only two minutes from your sunbead you will find the fantastic white sand beach and directly behind the turquoise sea – exactly like the catalogue, simply overwhelming.

Quite fascinated by this incredible picture, you put your foot on the sand and shrink back. “Ouch!”. Yes, the sand is really hot but with flip flops it’s o.k..

The day passed by so quickly, but you can’t miss the sunset. The sun dives the whole sea into dark red and colors the sky orange. Abu Dhabi is not just breathtaking by day.

In the evening, you can spoil yourself with culinary delights. The buffet is indescribable – this selection of delicacies. :O

Relaxed and with the first tanning strips you fall into the wonderfully soft bed in the evening.

Of course, the “Emirates Palace” has much, much more to offer, but a bit you should explore on your own. 😉

Top 5 Attractions Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi there are not only incredibly great hotels, but also some impressive sights. 😉

1. Sheikh Zayid Mosque

Even if you are not a culture fan, you should definitely look at this mosque. There is no description other than breathtaking.

It is a mosque of superlatives that is worth a visit.

2. Yas Marina Circuit

Formula 1 belongs to Abu Dhabi – almost as much as the mosque. But the Formula 1 circuit has far more to offer. Every Tuesday in the evening, it opens its doors and offers the unique opportunity to take a bike or walk down the track.

3. Ferrari World

And here come the fast cars. There is not only one of the fastest roller coasters in the world but also a Ferrari Museum. But do not worry dear women, there is a shopping center that is directly connected to the Ferrari World.

4. Heritage Village

With all the futuristic buildings, hotels and large malls, you quickly forget the origin of the country. In the Heritage Village you can explore the Bedouin past. This unique open-air museum offers the perfect variety.

5. Yas Waterworld

At over 30 degrees, a small cooling in the water park can not hurt. In addition to some water slides of the extra class and cool pools, the Yas Waterworld also has some other attractions to offer. Looping and funnel slides are a matter of course here.

So, now the small trip to and through Abu Dhabi is unfortunately already over. I hope I could help you to some warm thoughts and who knows, maybe you are already planning your next vacation;)

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